Starting in May of 2011, the NCAA is making CHEERLEADING a national sport. Cheerleading is the SPORT in which the team or SQUAD members, CHEERLEADERS, participate in multiple activities such as JUMPING, TUMBLING, STUNTING, and of course, CHEERING. There are multiple types of complicated jumps, hurdlers and toe toe-touches to start, that require immense amounts of flexibility. Tumbling is the gymnastics portion of cheerleading, consisting of tucks, handsprings, and more. Stunting is by far the most dangerous aspect, involving two BASES and one BACKSPOT throwing a FLYER up in the air to do various tricks before catching them again. This takes a great amount of strength, trust, and training by the cheerleaders. They can either be males or females, and they compete in various competitions worldwide. A cheerleader must be a strong, flexible, dedicated, and trustworthy person in order to be a member of the cheerleading squad. Although stereotyped, these members of society are actually highly respectable and turn out to be extremely successful. Examples of famous previous cheerleaders are: Kelly Ripa, Dakota Fanning, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz, and Sally Fields. You go girls!
It's hard for a cheerleader to be humble, when they can jump stunt and tumble.

A cheerleader has spirit, and does cool faces when they dance called "facials".
by TheOnlooker December 06, 2010
A person who enforces school spirit and shows pride. Also, cheerleaders are the representatives for the school/community and are positive examples. They are also preforms who dance, cheer, stunt, and tumble.
Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin D Roosevelt, Halle Berry, Jamie Lee Curtis, Madonna, Meryl Streep, Paula Abdul, Steve Martin, George W. Bush, and many other very respected people were all cheerleaders.
by kynzzzz2759 October 02, 2010
Athletes who work hard to discard the hateful stereotypes that tv and movies have put into there heads. Im a cheerleader and im not a slut ho or a bitch.Y E S cheerleading is a sport that we work hard for. The competition consists of 4 different parts which are dance,stunt,tumbling,and cheer. Im sick and tired of being put down by you people who dont know a god damn thing about cheerleading. BeCause i promise you ,you couldnt do what we do if you tried. So the next time you go judging a cheerleader remember this. You are no better than we are.
P1: look at those cheerleaders
P2: yea i bet shes a whore
Me: stfu
by Pompom138 June 21, 2009
A person, That is male or female. Cheerleaders usually lead on in chants for sports teams if they are recreational or cheer for their school. Some other cheer squads are competitive only, in which is a combination of chants, gymnastics and dance. Although most teams where a shell (cheerleading shirt) and a skirt above the knee, some teams have reverted into using spandex shorts for competitions. There is a constant confusion on whether or not this activity should be considered a sport.

Negative Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Uppity, Snobby, Bully, Conceited, stupid.

Positive Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Cheerful, Uplifting, Preppy, Energetic, silly.
---Friend A: Have you seen Jennifer?
-Friend B: Yeah! She's in the gym.
---Friend A: Why, we had plans for tonight. Don't you remember? The Party?
-Friend B: She told me the had to prepare for the cheerleading competition, then go home to study.
---Friend A: Oh my gosh, ever since Jennifer become a cheerleader she can never hang anymore.
by Je'Dinero May 04, 2013
1) A hot rich chick who dances alongside the footbal team to flirt with the football players.
2) An extremely ugly, fat chick or whore who joins the squad under the false pretenses that she will get laid
1) That cheerleader is trying to sleep with every player on the football team.
2) That cheerleader is trying to sleep with every player on the football team. Fat chance!
by KingMissile October 26, 2004
(Adjective) An individual with low tolerance for drugs or narcotics.
"Dude, quit coughing. You're being a total cheerleader"
by Stebro July 26, 2014
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