the football players bitchs
well you have never seen a cheerleader suckin a band geeks cock have you.
by jim cusick December 27, 2006
A girl-or guy- who cheers a school games-not just high school- and a lot of times gets made fun of behind their back, when only trying to get the team(s) pumped up so that they can win the game. This person(s) is in a severely dangerous sport-they have to hold up people, throw them through the air, put strain on their bodies from jumps and tumbling, and risk serious injuries that could maybe kill them. Not always a white, skinny, blonde, whore, who is a ditz. There are a lot of cheerleaders that are just as abstinant as other teen girls- cheerleaders' reputations are made by that individual, or by the media.
Fan 1: Man that cheerleader just fell on her face, but she got back up and is trying it again.

Fan 2: If I fell like that in front of everyone.. I would just go home.
by gobucktown March 12, 2010
Stereotypical Cheerleader: A girl who is a big biatch and will lament over how they're not popular anymore or about their moms finding out about their "affairs."

Normal Cheerleader: I just happen to like cheerleading and I am a cheerleader.
Girl: I hate you because youre a cheerleader.

Response 1: Stereotypical Cheerleader:

"Well I'm more popular than you so I don't care about what you think of me! Right girls? Let's leave." *turns nose up*

Response 2: Normal Cheerleader:

"That shouldn't mean anything to you. Obviously you don't value differences, do you?"
by Unstereotypical cheerleader February 08, 2012
A sport that most boys aren't tough enough to handle. It's HARD lifting people in the air, and no, its not just four feet. When those people fall on you it HURTS. In competitive cheer leading, in round 3, doing a 3 minute routine CONSTANTLY lifting these people in the air isnt easy, especially when you consider all of the different types of stunts there are. Round 2 is all gymnastics, so i dont know what some people are talking about when they say "cheerleading is jsut wanna-be gymnasts". I bet half the people reading this can't even do a cartwheel. yea, thats what i thought. and the fact that all we do is yell and prance around like a bunch of hoes? have you ever tried to yell, as loud as you can while lifting people in the air and doing back flips and stretching your body in ways it was never meant to go? didn't think so. and the coaches. OMG the coaches. if you think your coach is bad, you've never heard a cheer coach the day before a competition, and believe me, you don't want to. and if you think that we dont work as hard as the football team think again. one time i had to do OVER 1000 ab exercises....with out stopping. don't tell me cheerleading isn't a sport, because if you've never done it, you have NO IDEA what you're talking about.
Look at those awesome cheerleaders that are waaayyyyy better than the football team.
by awesomecheeleader098 April 13, 2011
Someone who leads other people to cheer. Simple as that.

Cheerleaders aren't always "slutty blondes". Lots of us have morals, and are trying to erase bad sterotypes various media channels give us. Some are even expected to be role models and can't swear or show any form of PDA while in uniform. We're required to have a grade average of B- or more in school, or else we're ineligible.

Granted there are some people who fit the stereotype of "Rich, skinny, bitchy blonde that cakes on makeup" but in reality we're so much more than that. Not all cheerleaders are skinny, some have to be bigger in size while stunting. I mean, you try twisting girls up in the air that are 100+ while keeping them balanced. Not as easy as it sounds (that goes for you too Mr. Superjock)

Cheerleaders are also very diverse and come from different ethnicities. Have you ever seen a Bring it On Movie (the third one had a good mix. Caucasian, African-American, and Asian-American)

Some cheerleaders can't wear makeup up or glitter either. We're athletes, not a beauty pageant.

Mike: Oh, here comes Elizah..
Elizah: Hey, James. want to come over to my house tonight, I heard your dick is huge.

James: Um, no thanks, not interested.
Elizah: Douche, what about you?
Mike: I'd rather not fuck a slut.


James: Hey, look it's Jessica.
Jessica: Hey guys, are you going to the pep rally today?
Mike: Sure, what time?
Jessica: 2:45. Goooo Panthers!

Mike: Aw, she's the cutest little cheerleader.

James: And she isn't bitchy like Elizah is.
Mike: Totally, she's so sweet and bubbly. Hey, is she single?
by Live-Laugh-Love December 31, 2009
by far, one of the bitchiest, sluttiest types of girls on the planet. they tend to wear skanky clothes, go out with and or sleep with the jocks, and put down people who are not like them. now, dont get me wrong, there are some good, honest,hard working girls who are cheerleaders, but this is directed at the majority. and half these girls dont even have any talent at cheerleading! and im not stereotyping, this is all from experience. and to the cheerleaders: stop saying that we goths and unpopular kids are jealous of you, because were not!! not all of us want to be skanky, wannabe posers!
me to cheerleader: hello
cheerleader: like, shut up, wierdo
me: whatever, you skanky, wannabe cheerleader poser
cheerleader: ur just jealous
me: ~sighs~ whatever
by GothicAngel993 December 23, 2006
a failed gymnast.
Cheerleader: i used to do gymnastics, but i sucked, so i resorted to jumping around and yelling.
by testpattern July 17, 2010

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