athletic,flexible,entergetic,independent and well known girls. they are supossed to be loud and obnoxious.its not who they really are.most people think cheerleaders aren't smart,well thats not true,they just have dumb moments just like everyone one else,but they are more well known so people reconize when they have dumb moments more than others.
shes so flexible,i bet shes a Cheerleader
by the-h.s.-cheerleader March 21, 2009
A mixed bag of typically female sports figures who take a support role to mostly male sporting events.
Cheerleaders are a very mixed bag, becuase I didn't know my girlfriend was a varsity cheerleader until she told me, but another one looks at me like I am worthless scum that does not deserve aknowledgement.
by cogitator July 29, 2008
Slutty, bitchy, self centered, snobby, flat-assed bitches who think they are better than everyone else and date the "hottest guy" who is high on "the popularity scale". dey alzo tlk lyk diz on da internetz cuz dey think itz hotz nD dIs 2. They wear tight shirts, mini skirts, tight pants okay pretty much anything that reveals there flat chest and dry pussys. They listen to "punk-pop" such as GC and Simple Plan and think they are hardcore. They also over use "like" and "omg" and "totally".

/end of story
Cheerleader: Omg like, did you, like, buy that, like, shirt like, from like, Wal Mart like?

Me: Err. Yeah?
by Amanda W. May 26, 2005
1. Sideline cheerleader- Cheers at other sports to get the crowd excited. Some schools only have this kind of cheer team. At most schools, this team is full of girls who are called skanks, but really it depends on the girl. Every team has sluts and skanks, cheerleaders are just known for it.

2. Competitive cheerleader- cheers against other teams from anywhere and everywhere. More intense for the cheerleaders, these girls are most likely hard core cheerleaders, but as like i said, every team has a slut. Competitive cheer is the kind of cheer that should be considered a sport. These girls are competing against other teams for trophies and awards. Not every school has a competitive team, but there is usual an All-Star team in your area.
1. You see those girls on the track? Those are sideline cheerleaders.

2. I'm going to a cheer competition today. I hope our team gets first.
by bobogirl August 12, 2010
A girl-or guy- who cheers a school games-not just high school- and a lot of times gets made fun of behind their back, when only trying to get the team(s) pumped up so that they can win the game. This person(s) is in a severely dangerous sport-they have to hold up people, throw them through the air, put strain on their bodies from jumps and tumbling, and risk serious injuries that could maybe kill them. Not always a white, skinny, blonde, whore, who is a ditz. There are a lot of cheerleaders that are just as abstinant as other teen girls- cheerleaders' reputations are made by that individual, or by the media.
Fan 1: Man that cheerleader just fell on her face, but she got back up and is trying it again.

Fan 2: If I fell like that in front of everyone.. I would just go home.
by gobucktown March 12, 2010
Someone who leads other people to cheer. Simple as that.

Cheerleaders aren't always "slutty blondes". Lots of us have morals, and are trying to erase bad sterotypes various media channels give us. Some are even expected to be role models and can't swear or show any form of PDA while in uniform. We're required to have a grade average of B- or more in school, or else we're ineligible.

Granted there are some people who fit the stereotype of "Rich, skinny, bitchy blonde that cakes on makeup" but in reality we're so much more than that. Not all cheerleaders are skinny, some have to be bigger in size while stunting. I mean, you try twisting girls up in the air that are 100+ while keeping them balanced. Not as easy as it sounds (that goes for you too Mr. Superjock)

Cheerleaders are also very diverse and come from different ethnicities. Have you ever seen a Bring it On Movie (the third one had a good mix. Caucasian, African-American, and Asian-American)

Some cheerleaders can't wear makeup up or glitter either. We're athletes, not a beauty pageant.

Mike: Oh, here comes Elizah..
Elizah: Hey, James. want to come over to my house tonight, I heard your dick is huge.

James: Um, no thanks, not interested.
Elizah: Douche, what about you?
Mike: I'd rather not fuck a slut.


James: Hey, look it's Jessica.
Jessica: Hey guys, are you going to the pep rally today?
Mike: Sure, what time?
Jessica: 2:45. Goooo Panthers!

Mike: Aw, she's the cutest little cheerleader.

James: And she isn't bitchy like Elizah is.
Mike: Totally, she's so sweet and bubbly. Hey, is she single?
by Live-Laugh-Love December 31, 2009
normally hot, but not where i come from; the ugly bitches and the REALLY stupid ones
god dammit how come those ugly cheerleaders have to flash us like every fucking friday; my eyes are starting to burn
by joe dimagio December 07, 2004
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