These are the girls that get most stereotyped. They try to bring good to there name and are the ones who really understand teamwork. These are the people who try to inspire and give motivation and not bring down other people.
1) Girl in Stand -"hey Jen you see that girl cheering?"

Jen- "umm yeahh?"

Girl- "She has been my best friend sence 1st grade and has seriously helped me in my life so many times she is a Cheerleader."

2) Foreign- "what are those girls doing down there?"

other girl- "cheering our team on and bringing motivation there what we call a cheerleader."
by EmilyNHS January 17, 2009
a hard working athlete.
usually reffered to as a whore, bimbo, and a bitch.
but, not all are. we work hard at what we do. and we dont do it just for the popularity. have you ever thought maybe we just like the sport?
it takes alot to be a cheerleader.
im a cheerleader and i know?
by a proud cheerleader August 20, 2008
Unfairly stereotyped person, usually a female, who participates in an intense and under credited sport. They dont actually like cheering games at all.

Usually falsely stereotyped as a blonde unintelligent slut

These girls have to actually maintain a usual average of 70% in school in order to be on the team, proving the "dumb" label incorrect.

Cheerleading is one of the most dangerous women's sports and deaths do and can occur.

It is a very competitive sport and their team works all year in order to go to a competition (usually nationals) and preform.

Cheerleading includes tumbling(gymnatsics) stunts, pyramids dancing and cheers, so cheerleaders have to be talented and physically fit.

Most cheerleaders are not "popular snobby whores" I happen to know several girls on my school team who aren't very well known, of course none are gothic but alot of the team consists of average and very dedicated girls.

Cheerleading at my school does not mean popularity in anyway. If you want to be popular you have to be nice, and people have to like you.

There are good and bad girls on every sports team but for some reasons cheerleaders get called out if they aren't nice ALL the time. not everyone gets along with everyone.

I am a cheerleader and do not appreciate negative the negative stereotypes.

Of course, maybe its different everywhere you live, the girls on the cheer team you know may very well be blonde bitches, but the ones I know are nothing like that.
Examples of cheerleading/cheerleader teams to look up on yt:

HPU - hawaii pacific university cheerleading
Top gun
Cheer extreme
by cougarswcss July 03, 2011
Cheerleader: skanky teenager. See: Slut
goddamn cheerleader, she skipped me at the blow job party last night.
by Sweet Loop October 16, 2006
Slutty, bitchy, self centered, snobby, flat-assed bitches who think they are better than everyone else and date the "hottest guy" who is high on "the popularity scale". dey alzo tlk lyk diz on da internetz cuz dey think itz hotz nD dIs 2. They wear tight shirts, mini skirts, tight pants okay pretty much anything that reveals there flat chest and dry pussys. They listen to "punk-pop" such as GC and Simple Plan and think they are hardcore. They also over use "like" and "omg" and "totally".

/end of story
Cheerleader: Omg like, did you, like, buy that, like, shirt like, from like, Wal Mart like?

Me: Err. Yeah?
by Amanda W. May 26, 2005
A chearleader is a person (usually female) involved in the activity of cheerleading. Chearleading is NOT a sport (If it was a sport under federal law we would only be allowed to compete and not cheer and do sidelines at football and basketball games)although it involves a great deal of physical activity and strength. It involves a combination of dance and gymnastics as well as stunting. Common stereotypes depict cheerleaders as slutty, blonde, bimbo airheads. Most are not, there are a few that are and give the rest of us a bad name. Please do not avoid cheerleaders because of these stereotypes this just proves that you are narrowminded or have some form of a personal vendetta against cheerleaders in general.
Did you see that girl, crappy blonde dye job, belly shirt on, booty shorts a poppin? Ten bucks she's a cheerleader.

Dude, what the hell thats so stereotypical and untrue. Don't be a dick.
by BettyBoop'sBlondeSis August 18, 2010
The Majority is Stereotypically bitchy, snotty, egotistical, vain, thinks the world revolves around them, thinks they are the sh!t as many of you clearly stated, simply enjoys making fun of outcasts such as nerds, loners, and other different groups of people that are outside of their preppy ass realm.

Uncommonly down to earth, very nice, friendly, loves to cheer, lots of energy. and many other characteristics that most people wouldn't expect
if you watch movies like "Bring it On", "The Hot Chick" and other stupid retarded movies that Hollywood loves to create all these stereotypes then pretty much you will see the common stereotype of cheerleaders.

from personal experience as a loner/nerd there are some that are nice, while others the "elites" are unfortunately the ones that are pretty much the "B with an Itches"

and we "nerds" can party too. without us you people wouldn't have all this great high-tech shit that we now have today, so at least give us some respect and appreciation thank you very much.
by JustAnotherLoser_PassingBy April 29, 2009

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