an athlete who has to dance, tumble, stunt, trust, and does more work than the soccer, and football teams put together.
noelle is such a good example of a cheerleader!!
by KAWWW August 05, 2004
Cheerleaders are a hard working group of people, girls and guys. The people who talk about people like cheerleaders are obviously jelous enough to write about the cheerleaders and how much they hate them, well they only hate cause they wish they could of been like them. The people that write they want to kill cheerleaders are insane and stupid and have nothing else to do in life, but make fun and hate others only b/c that's what happen to you all thier lives, but what your not realizing is the reason you are that way is probably b/c you didn't make any effort. Most "popular" people or whatever you wanna call it, are mostly outgoing and talk to others. So for you people who like to hate on us cheerleaders, ask yourself what you have done for anyone or anything to make a difference. There's nothing wrong with making someone smile.
Losers: Oh I'm such a loser cause I talk about cheerleaders and hate cheerleaders b/c they are popular and have have fun in their lives unlike me.
by Brooke B November 11, 2005
ok, fucking assholes whoev. you are.
you people think cheerleaders are slutty, popular(obv., we are) and rich and stupid. but we are not. we have fellings too. we hangout with only our click because we practice like 5 times a day, and those are the people who we just come in a package with. we go to competitions together and stay at hotels and party all night unlike boring nerds. bahahahhahahah. we have sleepovers like there is no tommorow. thats just the way we roll. there is no (stereotype) cheerleader, we are all different! everyone thinks that we have short little skirts and slutty tops but we dont. we just cheer because its fun and i rather be up and doing something then sitting on the couch all day or kicking, strowing, batting, and bouncing around balls all day, thats just plain old boring. think about it.
cheerleaders are nice loving people.
by chloe faro November 23, 2007
cheerleaders r the shit! ppl who say that cheerleading is not a sport i couldnt disagree with u more i admit i used to say the same thing before i started cheerleading b.c i used to be a gymnast i have seen more cheerleaders break their noses or an ankle this year then i have football players i do cheerin competativly and am goin to world championships in florida so if u have anything 2 say about cheerleading not bein a sport u can come and talk to me b.c i work my ass off prob more then u loser bums who r like cheerleaders r snobs wah wah and a sport has nothing to do with being popular or not i dont no where the hell u r gettin this shit from b.c a sport doesnt make u any more or less popular then u already r
i love cheerleaders :)
by thatsright32 March 01, 2006
A cheerleader is a strong smart athlete with tons of confidence. Cheerleaders are often portrayed as sluts, hoes, dumbasses, girly girlies and wimps. That's not it at all. People who hate cheerleaders hate them because they are jealous and wish they could do half of what we can do.
I myself am a cheerleader and i constantly get discriminated against. I sucks. But if you hate on me get over it, because I bet you can't do HALF of what I can. Cheerleading is a sport. plain and simple.
by Alli B April 24, 2006
Any person who cheers their team (or group) on. NOT a softball, basketball, or volleyball player.
Person one: OMG i can't belive that those volleyball players are preteding to be cheerleaders!!
Person two: yeah, they so aren't.
by Meggogirl June 23, 2005
common slang for Cocaine
hey mang, lets go find some cheerleader tonight
by britmullet May 09, 2006

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