A slutty, snobby girl who is usually self-centered and typically a flunker at school. She makes a great fuck and can even give you free head if you are a football player.
#1 "That cheerleader Suzy is the best fuck I've had this year. She even polished my knob just a few minutes ago."
#2 "That dirty whore! And I just banged her two hours ago!"

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "that is so rude! there are three poeple on my cheer squad that are in the top 20 people in our class. One of them is sexond in our class! You're unbeliebale...same with you too...your probably just JEALOUS! get over urself!"
by jock June 20, 2003
Simply a person that is either on a competitive cheer team or represents their school's cheerleading squad.
can be of any race or origin or any size.
although it is rare to see an obese cheerleader because dancing combined with gymnastics and stunting usually will help any person get in shape.

the typical "preppy ditzy slutty girl" label doesn't apply. i know plenty of girls that cheer and get great grades, dress different from abercrombie&fitch and all the other labels, and don't live to please guys in innapropriate matters.
I am a cheerleader on a competitive team at a local gym, but I do not cheer for my school.
by jbabyy293 July 10, 2008
First off let me state that I am not from the US. I heard about cheerleaders from a friend but didn't know what they were. I came to UrbanDict to check it out. Although some definitions are overly negative and stereotypical, by reading the overt positive definitions I found out why people hate cheerleaders so much. While the negative definitions state that cheerleaders are blonde slutty airheads, the positive ones all said something like:
"I am a cheerleader and I am reaaaaal smart honest and I got accepted into harvard and stuff like that. Also stop saying that cheerleading is not a sport cuz we can break our necks yup and we have to fling people into the air and do REALLY HARD THINGS like handsprings. You try doing that. We cheerleaders are always there for our team and you're just jealous because you're not a cheerleader and because you can't get laid by one. So HA you loser!"

When I read that I was like woooooooow how pathetic.
Although I do not agree with the rants, I feel like the cheerleaders posting definitions like these just make them look worse than on the rants. Through the pisitive posts, I have found out that cheerleaders are all of that shit
1. Cheerleading is NOT a sport. It is a HOBBY for loosers who live in some village in like Wyoming with a population under 5 million. in other words, the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE
2. These positive posts show that cheerleaders truly are stuck up.
3. I do not dream about getting laid by cheerleaders. Sorry!
4. You must learn that while bragging about something, you should not give examples of elementary skills such as handsprings. For fuck's sake! I practice both rythmic and Olympic gymnastics, and handsprings were something I learned early. Next time, my cheerleaders friends, plan you brags/lies out better, ok?
5. I have been practicing gymnastics for as long as I could remember, 6 times a week. It is an actual sport where you must have flexibility, strength and endurance. In return, I got killer biceps, strong legs and a full set of abdominals. Thank you very much.

And this is how I, a perfecly unbiased person, did some research for a few days and came to the conclusion that cheerleaders are generally stuck up and like to brag about the only thing in their poor excuse of a life, cheerleading. Which, by the way, is just a watered down and overrated version of gymnastics. Based on the posts here, many of these cheerleaders misspelled "stereotype" as "stereo-type". Saaaaad...

They give the US kind of a bad name, don't you think?

Also, if you would like to attempt a complaint, please email me at moxxgucci@yahoo.com

I love replying to stupid angry bastards
I think that after all I wrote, no example of "cheerleader" is needed.
But since UD demands one, here you go:
"Cheerleaders give themselves a hell of a bad image."

In case you were wondering, I'm from Rio, I'm a female, and yes, I am going to college.

Anyway, just got burned

by MOXXISTHEMAIN August 06, 2009
Steriotypical cheerleader: usually a skanky slutty little bitch thats rich & popular & thinks shes better than everyone else

normal cheerleader: just a person who likes to cheer
alot of the cheerleaders i know are little bitches that hate everyone for the most stupid reasons u could possibly think of where as the other ones are actually cool girls who just like to cheer.
by XxXSeXmEuP17XxX July 24, 2005
A member of either a spirit squad or competitive cheerleading squad. There are cheerleaders of all different ages from 5 year olds to college students and pros.

A cheerleader in the spirit squad supports their recreational/school team. These cheerleaders are the ones most likely to undergo stereotyping because they are more wellknown and in the public eye.

A competitive cheerleader competes against other schools/squads to see who's the best of the best. They partake in difficult stunts and are more likely to obtain injuries. Even though both spirit and competitive cheerleading are considered sports, this is the more difficult of the two.

Cheerleaders are often stereotyped as a popular and stupid bitch who's only on the squad to jump around in a short skirt, and look like a whore. This is not exactly the case.

Although some cheerleaders behave like this, and give the SPORT of cheerleading a bad name, many are in it for the difficulty it can present.

Believe it or not, throwing yourself backwards with no hands knowing that, if you mess up, it's highly possible you can land on your neck, is something it takes guts to do. And practice.
Jenny: Did you see Elizabeth's broken leg?
Tara: Yeah she fell out of a stunt during cheerleading practice.

Chasity: The coach found out that Jessie the cheerleader was out drinking last night.
Jenny: Yeah, I heard she got kicked off the squad.
Chasity: Well she got what she deserved.
by Nicole Harrison September 17, 2008
A girl in who joins a cheer squad for school events for the purpose of raising school spririt. But fails. The individual cheerleader tends to be snobby, dyes her hair blonde for no apparent reason, drive needlessly expensive cars(and usually crash them a year later), strictly hang out with the sport jocks and other cheerleaders, and stereotypically a whore who wears almost no clothes outside of school in order to attract Saturday night entertainment. . .
See that cheerleader, she hicked her skirt up so high that no matter which way she turns you can see her panties. . .and that's not even visually appealing. . .
by Random September 23, 2004
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