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1. most commonly stereotyped as dumb, slutty, bitchy, self centered.

2. one usually girl, occasionally boy who dedicates and changes their way of life to practice, perfect and perform a routine to judges. (well competitive cheerleaders anyways)

3. one who pumps up the crowd at sporting events

2. top gun all stars cheerleading team or dunbar high school competitive cheerleading team

3. "YEAAAA ! go teammm ! come on ! you can do it !!!"
by CHEERLEADERALEX July 02, 2008
8 26
A cheerleader is a person who has decided to take up cheerleading. Being a cheerleader doesn't make a person any less smart, talented or anything. Not all of them are vapid, slutty, preppy, stupid, shallow, spoiled or snobby. Do you know cheerleaders that are? Then it's just THEM, not necessarily every other one!
I myself am not a cheerleader and I am not close friends with any. But they are still people, pigeonholed people who still do what they do despite all the people who ridicule and look down on them. Ironically, those people, the cheerleader haters, are being snobby. Isn't that a bitch?
by Shameless Plug January 27, 2004
134 152
One of the most stereotyped and misjudged sports that requires the athleticism of gymnastics and the strength of football players, along with intelligence to memorize numerous routines while keeping a smile on one's face.
by Filipina August 19, 2003
294 312
little hoes who think they are the sh*t and walk around screaming at u because they feel happy in there little dresses! but there not!they wish they could do everyone in the world!
did u see the cheerleaders do gay backflip?
by radest person ever April 12, 2007
182 201
Someone, male or female, who decides to join a cheerleading squad and makes it on the team. Being a cheerleader has nothing to do with one's snobiness or who they sleep around with. Also, contrary to popular belief, not all cheerleaders are airheads. I'm a cheerleader and I'm going to Harvard on academic scholarship.
McKenzie and Rachel are cheerleaders for MTSU.
by Don't you hate sterotypes? November 11, 2006
46 65
Girls, and guys in some schools who yell and do tricks for the croud to watch, i hate cheerleaders, jocks are bad enouph with needing peaple to cheer them on.
Why dont all these fatasses whatching the game go get a work out and stop whatching the cheerleaders scream, checking out all the foot ball players butts in those tight pants.
by RLC September 09, 2005
293 312
grls who r tryin to cheer on teams not all r slutty rich bitchy or popular thy are very nice once u look around the steriotype of thm thy are human lik everyone else we work hard 4 wat we do
some grls cant pay to go to comp yes u have to pay it isnt free boated some have b/fs n stay tru sme do cheerleadin to make friends cause thy arnt popular n yes we all have our bitchy moments but reall y we r nice pepole
by babycheer09 August 21, 2005
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