another person on this planet that plays a sport that they like. just like a soccer player or football player. if a cheerleader is stuck up it is NOT because they are a cheerleader...its because thats there personality. the sport you play should not define you, and if u define a person by what they like to do you are a hypocrite
i know this cheerleader, she's pretty cool just like my other friends who play soccer and football.
by XcelebrityX November 27, 2003
cheerleading is a sport. i am not going to brag or rant, but cheerleaders have to throw people into the air, and catch them while smiling. do not tell me cheerleading is not a sport until you have done it please. just because we arnt scoring with a ball dosnt mean its not a sport. Not all cheerleaders are blonde dumb bitchy white girls. We are diverse, friendly, smart (as anyone else) we look out for each other when now one else will. We dont lose our virginity to jocks! none of the cheerleaders at my school are dating a football player! it is all just a stereotype. We are people who have feelings and when you make fun of cheerleading and such it hurts us :'( we are just people trying to enjoy our favorite sport like everybody else, but for some reason, everyone hates cheerleaders. We have to live on different standards than everyone else. Please understand us. Thank you <3
I love being a cheerleader, you get to meet some really great people.
by :) LT and SS (: July 23, 2010
hardworking girls who give it all they qot. girls who work hard to raise money for their school like washing 456 cars . who are their for the football players when no one else cheers them on. who represents their school and who works hard all year around to give it all they have in 3 mins. If you thought cheerleading was all about waving pompoms, dazzling costumes, and incredible stunts, think again. For those who have been there and done that, cheerleading is a lot more. It's about team spirit, practice, discipline, and exuberance.A cheerleader isn't the prettiest girl or the most popular girl. She is a girl who loves to cheer and does it with her whole mind, heart, and soul.It's not the glitz of the uniform that matters, but the spirit that shines within it.We may make it look easy, but like all sports it takes hard work and dedication. Next time someone tells you cheerleading is easy, tell them to do your routine and then get back to you. There is no halftime for cheerleaders! Cheerleading is a way of life, shared by a chosen few, It is working as a unit in everything you do. Cheerleading is rivalry, the competition makes you strong, It is sharing secrets and tears, learning to get along. Cheerleading is that ongoing drive to be the very best, It is patience, perseverance, and very little rest. Cheerleading is having poise and charm with every word you say, It is total dedication twenty-four hours a day. It is always being ready with encouragement or a smile, Cheerleading is your chance to express your individual style. Cheerleading is reaching out to comfort a sister who is sad, It is defending each other in the good times and the bad. Cheerleaders are always there whenever someone asks, They treasure the present moment and let go of the past. Cheerleading is a talent to be able to shine on cue, It is hiding the pain and anguish that if only people knew. Cheerleaders after all, are real people that sometimes get down, but when they're in the spotlight, they must never put on a frown. Cheerleaders are actresses, always ready to go, That is why it is important for all the world to know. Not every girl can be a cheerleader, it takes a special kind, Cheerleaders are full of life and a little bit out of their mind. so before you think cheerleading stupid and label it , try to lift someone in ther air or tumble and flip cheer up the crowd when your loosing the game and even when your school put you down and doesnt care you still stand by their side and cheer for them . ihts not always easy being a cheerleader but we do it anyway
girl: why do you cheer ?

cheerleader: because it my life and just being out there cheering for my school and standing by my squads side is worth all the sweat, bruises, broken bones , and 24/7 practice just to give it all wee got and represent our school for 2.5 mins

girl: sounds like hardwork

cheerleader: yeah but its worth it
by cheerleader who works hard May 16, 2009
stuck up bitch who thinks she is better then everyone.
A gay man who is not afraid to show it.
A preppy girl who will suck any jocks cock.
Your cheerleader gf
by topher 14 August 07, 2008
a slutty girl who sucks alot
I love cheerleaders because thy suck alot of stuff.
by afsdfasdfdsafdsf March 01, 2008
Definition: Jail Bait.
I went to my son's football game drunk and ended the night in county prison. Damn cheerleaders!
by DJ Gorrilla December 07, 2006
Actual athletes whom work hard at their sport and are dedicated. Cheerleaders are sometimes mistaken for slutty whores who jump around and shake their butts, but it's not like that. Cheerleaders have hours of practicing and training. They also don't only cheer for teams at football and basketball games. They go to nationals, compete with actual teams, and win trophies. Cheerleading is basically dance mixed with tumbling. Also, just because they wear skirts it doesn't make them sluts, field hockey players wear skirts and they're not considered sluts. And to some of you, if you hate cheerleading, why do you say cheerleaders are hot and watch them all the time?
Jealous Girl-Eww look at that stupid cheerleader.
Perv Guy- I hate cheerleading too, but she is so hot!
(Cheerleaders do a perfect scorpion full down)
Smart cheerleader-Yeah, cheerleaders must be stupid if they can learn stunts like that. And if you hate cheerleading, why are you watching them every minute?!?
by Bella Truscott October 20, 2007

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