a most likely pretty,popular girl in middle school or high school. shes probably going to be preppy and always say like. But besides that shes really into spirit and cheerleading on the sidelines at basketball, or football games.she may be dumb... she may be smart. she may be blonde... she may be brunette. but shes going to keep up with latest fads. FOR SURE!
cheerleaders convo:
amy: omg like did u see rachel flirting with ur like bf today ?
maci: omg she is soooooo.......
amy: ik right ?
maci:uhh. she is suchhh a wanna be .
amy:cmon girl lets go to cheer practice

maci:ok .. omg lets go
by cheerbabe1234567890 December 25, 2009
A girl who thinks she's super hot (but is actually very fake) and makes fun of all people she thinks are ugly/weird/dumber than her. She types with excessive letters and uses random symbols and strange words. She also must be anorexic to fit this description. Also see ditz or ditzy
Cheerleader 1 on IM: Ewwwwwwwww didd youu seee thatt uglyy neww girll.?.!.--
Cheerleader 2 on IM: Ii knoww.!.=) Whatt aa supaa loserr
Cheerleader 1: Butt att leastt weree hottttttttttttttttttttttt.!.@(#_
Cheerleader 2: Totess forr suree bestieeeeeee@(Q#%@(%@%($@*
by HANNAH!!!! January 06, 2009
A peculiarly American idea. Often they are white, well-off, wholesome-minded (i.e. they're not a threat to any authority figures, mix with the right people, like the right stuff, and ostracise the right people.) They are found at sports events jumping and flipping and shouting, "GO BADGERS!!!" or whatever team it is.

To what their purpose is I am at a loss.
"Cheerleaders. Who needs 'em?"
by KHD August 16, 2003
Okay, so my friend sent me like a link to the cheerleading definition and I think it's totally wrong. I'm a cheerleader and i'm not stupid at all. I actually try hard in school and I plan on going to FIT. Just because I have blonde hair, school spirit, cute friends, and an amazing boyfriend doesn't mean that i'm an airhead. Just because my parents have money doesn't mean that i'm a spoiled person. They worked hard for it and they choose to treat me because I deserve it. &; Lastly, are you people serious? I think that maybe before you all be so judgemental you should at least have evidence or something to back your claims, bub. k? thanks :)
Just because she's a cheerleader, doesn't mean she's an idiot or a slut.
by Jesska. October 05, 2009
What you all wish you were.
As cheerleaders, we are confident, sexy, smart, athletic, and sweet.

by woooooodsssss April 18, 2009
stuck up bitch who thinks she is better then everyone.
A gay man who is not afraid to show it.
A preppy girl who will suck any jocks cock.
Your cheerleader gf
by topher 14 August 07, 2008
a slutty girl who sucks alot
I love cheerleaders because thy suck alot of stuff.
by afsdfasdfdsafdsf March 01, 2008

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