dancers gone retarded
she use to be a great dancer
now shes a cheerleader.
she mustve gone retarded
by reaperchik November 01, 2011
Noun. A sexually confident and uninhibitted female, who not only understands her own body but is not shy about forcefully giving commands mid-coitus to her partner. As opposed to timid requests, or counseling after the fact because she is too shy to ask for what she wants. Cheerleaders are especially verbal as they approach climax and more easily climax when compared to their timid more common female counterparts.
Dude 1: Did you fuck that girl?
Dude 2: Yeah, it was great! She was one girls that drops the clues with no shame, "fuck me, fuck me" "harder, harder, ...grab my ass, ... lick that pussy!"
Dude 1: Ohhhh yeah, cheerleaders! - I love cheerleaders!
by StPeteRoper November 15, 2010
the reason why you lost at your football game
coach: *mumbles a play*
player: what coach i cant hear you over the cheerleaders


*player runs out there and says some bullshit play*
*other team intercepts the ball and runs it back for a touchdown*
by secksgod223 January 09, 2010
A commonly pretty girl who can cheer, dance, tumble, stunt and jump while keeping a gorgeous animated face. They are usually associated with popularity, and being a slutty bitch. But that's a stereotype.
Cheerleader: I am pretty AND popular
Non-cheerleader: hey wanna be friends?
Cheerleader: not on your life skank
by georgia porgia May 12, 2008
verb transitive, to dress up like a cheerleader sporting a couple of pom poms and having sex with someone.

noun, the act of dressing up like a cheerleader sporting a couple of pom poms and having sex with someone.
Hey Gladice, I cheerleadered jimmy last night.
No way Sylvia, why? I thought you didn't like jimmy.

Some lady paid me 500 bucks.

Is that the going rate for the cheerleader these days.
by nick April 30, 2005
A peculiarly American idea. Often they are white, well-off, wholesome-minded (i.e. they're not a threat to any authority figures, mix with the right people, like the right stuff, and ostracise the right people.) They are found at sports events jumping and flipping and shouting, "GO BADGERS!!!" or whatever team it is.

To what their purpose is I am at a loss.
"Cheerleaders. Who needs 'em?"
by KHD August 16, 2003
An anorexic whore who wears an extremely short skirt and top (which is NOT flattering to the body) and jumps up and down like a deranged chipmunk while screaming "GO TEAM GO!" trying to get the crowd pump up, when, in actuality the crowd is praying for the day they'll just shut up so they can ACTUALLY watch the game. They do jumps such as the X jump, toe touch, the pencil, Tuck, Hurdler, Herkie, Pike, Double nine, power jump, and the Russian. Now these jump look all cutsie-wootsie and what not, but they are not difficult. Cheer leading is NOT a sport. They practice about 2 hours every 2 days, and all they do is either paint posters to hang in school or talk shit about some innocent girl because they have nothing better to do in the pathetic lives. And they try to sound cool by saying "were a sport because we lift people" last time i checked most people with a little direction can do this! i would know because i was a cheerleader who had to deal with this bullshit. Cheerleaders join the Cheer team either A. they didn't make the dance team B. They didn't make the Colorguard C.They think joining will boost self esteem which they will soon find out it just flat out embarrasses you. or D. they're whores and want dudes to look at their nasty cooch.
Amber: "Dude did you just see that cheerleader walk by?"

Ally: "Yeah i did, i wish someone would just push her off the balcony already"

Amber: "True."
by CheerHater56 January 01, 2011

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