A person, That is male or female. Cheerleaders usually lead on in chants for sports teams if they are recreational or cheer for their school. Some other cheer squads are competitive only, in which is a combination of chants, gymnastics and dance. Although most teams where a shell (cheerleading shirt) and a skirt above the knee, some teams have reverted into using spandex shorts for competitions. There is a constant confusion on whether or not this activity should be considered a sport.

Negative Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Uppity, Snobby, Bully, Conceited, stupid.

Positive Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Cheerful, Uplifting, Preppy, Energetic, silly.
---Friend A: Have you seen Jennifer?
-Friend B: Yeah! She's in the gym.
---Friend A: Why, we had plans for tonight. Don't you remember? The Party?
-Friend B: She told me the had to prepare for the cheerleading competition, then go home to study.
---Friend A: Oh my gosh, ever since Jennifer become a cheerleader she can never hang anymore.
by Je'Dinero May 04, 2013
An activity and the participants in said activity who are extensions of The Establishment, and, ultimately, The Man. Indeed, cheerleading could be seen as social conditioning, a preparation for a life's service to The Establishment through the systematic brainwashing of said cheerleaders and suppression of any semblance of free thought or assembly in a high school/college environment. Indeed, cheerleading and cheerleaders could be seen as analagous to The Establishment, and cheerleader captains could be seen as analagous to The Man, with both entities feeding their unjustified and undeserved power.
Cheerleaders dress identically and chant sentences which praise "The Establishment."
by Captain Dan January 09, 2007
spoiled-rotten rich kid who thinks she should get anything she wants.
Is it just me, or are cheerleaders getting uglier every year at this school?

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "im not spoiled and ur a jerk! ur probaly just saying that because you can't get a cheerleader to talk to you!"
by HappyHenry35 April 18, 2003
by far, one of the bitchiest, sluttiest types of girls on the planet. they tend to wear skanky clothes, go out with and or sleep with the jocks, and put down people who are not like them. now, dont get me wrong, there are some good, honest,hard working girls who are cheerleaders, but this is directed at the majority. and half these girls dont even have any talent at cheerleading! and im not stereotyping, this is all from experience. and to the cheerleaders: stop saying that we goths and unpopular kids are jealous of you, because were not!! not all of us want to be skanky, wannabe posers!
me to cheerleader: hello
cheerleader: like, shut up, wierdo
me: whatever, you skanky, wannabe cheerleader poser
cheerleader: ur just jealous
me: ~sighs~ whatever
by GothicAngel993 December 23, 2006
One who carries out senseless acts of motivation supposedly for team spirit but really for hots from other guys.
Dude 1: yeah i know its hot and all, but whats the point? if anything its distracting the team.
by Jebus Chrysler May 09, 2005
A hard working young female, who usually has some background in gymnastics, who participates in a sport to throw other girls in the air (or gets thrown and does numerous tricks that need total balance). The young females also try to keep school spirit up. Usually have a bad tendency to fall into the stereotype, unfortunately. Not all the girls are like that and most do very well.

Not everyone is jealous of a cheerleader...in fact most poke fun at cheerleaders out of sheer principle.

When most girls are really young it is a sport that most want to participate in. (I said most not all and that's where I came from they had a poll that stated 78% secretly wanted to be a cheerleader before the age of 8).

Cheerleaders are strong mentally and physically because of all the animosity among classmates and due to the vigourous work in practice. A cheerleader is a tough person mainly on herself/himself. Being judged by peers on game days and at competitions does that.

Very bubbly and can seem "dumb" to outsiders. Tend to have a lot of inside jokes and are mostly very talkative and loud.

Are also known as spirit squads or clubs.
Did you just see that? She is standing on one foot and leaning over without falling (aerobesque) *not quite sure if thats how its spelt*

OMG...she never shuts up she must be a cheerleader.
by Cheerlady February 17, 2010
Okay, so my friend sent me like a link to the cheerleading definition and I think it's totally wrong. I'm a cheerleader and i'm not stupid at all. I actually try hard in school and I plan on going to FIT. Just because I have blonde hair, school spirit, cute friends, and an amazing boyfriend doesn't mean that i'm an airhead. Just because my parents have money doesn't mean that i'm a spoiled person. They worked hard for it and they choose to treat me because I deserve it. &; Lastly, are you people serious? I think that maybe before you all be so judgemental you should at least have evidence or something to back your claims, bub. k? thanks :)
Just because she's a cheerleader, doesn't mean she's an idiot or a slut.
by Jesska. October 05, 2009
A person who defends their "high" level of intelligent by typing "and for all of u that think cheerleaders are dumb then u are so wrong."
I can't even watch the football game anymore, the damn cheerleaders keep on getting in the way.
by Liberal Hippie Douche June 20, 2005
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