A person, That is male or female. Cheerleaders usually lead on in chants for sports teams if they are recreational or cheer for their school. Some other cheer squads are competitive only, in which is a combination of chants, gymnastics and dance. Although most teams where a shell (cheerleading shirt) and a skirt above the knee, some teams have reverted into using spandex shorts for competitions. There is a constant confusion on whether or not this activity should be considered a sport.

Negative Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Uppity, Snobby, Bully, Conceited, stupid.

Positive Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Cheerful, Uplifting, Preppy, Energetic, silly.
---Friend A: Have you seen Jennifer?
-Friend B: Yeah! She's in the gym.
---Friend A: Why, we had plans for tonight. Don't you remember? The Party?
-Friend B: She told me the had to prepare for the cheerleading competition, then go home to study.
---Friend A: Oh my gosh, ever since Jennifer become a cheerleader she can never hang anymore.
by Je'Dinero May 04, 2013
1.) Female member of a sporting team's cheer squad. Characterised as attractive, unintelligent/naive, and bitchy; highly concerned with body image, appearance, and popularity. Hyperactively supports, barracks and dances for their team during a sporting event. Usually date and sleep with jocks.

2.) Female equivalent of fanboy. Derived from the cheerleaders' blind faith in, and support of, their team. Used in application to figures such as particular bands, actors, ideals, styles, pop culture/television shows, countries, and so on. Like fanboys, cheerleaders are unable to discuss their idol objectively and maturely, rendering conversation with them useless and frustrating. This also makes their opinion on the topic superfluous.

see also: (1) jock, ditz, (2) fanboy
(1) Candi, Becki and Cindi are all cheerleaders for the Washington State football team.

(2) "Ann Coulter doesn't offer anything useful to political discussion, she's just a cheerleader for the hard right!"
"Ugh. That airhead Cindi is a cheerleader for anything the mainstream tells her is cool."
by KingShit November 20, 2003
A pussy with a slutty girl wrapped around it.
Usually too caught up in being popular to study so she will have no skills, other than sex, when she graduates.

It won't matter because she will end up fucking some rich guys brains out until he marries and supports her for the rest of her life.

She will spend most of her afternoons fucking around on him until nobody wants her old stank anymore.

She will then spend her time thinking about the good old days.
by Cheerleader Fucker August 24, 2004
One often female and found at sport tournaments shrieking and bouncing and waving retarded poofy-things. When not at games, the cheerleader can be found in groups in the back of a car making love with a jock. Cheerleaders are often screaming at the top of their lungs in a way to express excitement.
See Bitch
by Amber Almighty June 04, 2004
A group of people who dance and yell out catchy chants to get your high school excited about losing another football game
Cheerleaders at my school wouldn't be so bad if they didn't try so hard to fit the stereotypical definition of one.
by katie was here August 10, 2008
The reason to live. Also, the reason HS football games are sold out.
Oh, those cheerleaders are so hott!
by Drew in the Ham May 20, 2006
a pair of tits to watch when the game gets boring during a timeout, also an easy fuck if you're an athlete, a hard grader, or just about anybody really

thinks that by spelling and bouncing up and down on the field or on a dick will raise school spirit
a)Bob-fuck yo no1's scored in like an hour
Dan-It's ok check out the cheerleader's tits
(they stare)

b) BrucefromAustralia-why is the girl with the giant boobs and the tiny skirt spelling and jumping up and down
Ryan-She's a cheerleader, she thinks shes raising school spirit, it's an american thing
BrucefromAustralia-Well I know she's raising something

(they laugh)
by Samnit3 November 27, 2007
Supposedly, a delicious high school girl who jumps around in a short skirt in order to get people to cheer. Her purpose is to rally up the team to win.

Of course, this is the "suppose" version. In reality, she is a hideous bitch that has a two digit IQ. She is most likely overweight and she couldn't get the team to win even if she offers her soul to the devil.

Why can't we go back to the good ol' days of cheerleading? Ugly girls would be excluded from cheerleading and their bubbly idiocy might actually extract enough pity from people to get them to cheer with something resembling real enthusiasm. Of course, they'll still bitches and will probably marry into wealth greater than anything the guys with IQs that exceeds their social security numbers will be able to acquired, but hey, at least they'll be cute.
Guy #1: Hey, lets go watch the cheerleaders!

Guy #2: Hell no! Have you seen them? The leader gained ten pounds over the weekend!
by BusinessMan February 24, 2005
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