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A person, That is male or female. Cheerleaders usually lead on in chants for sports teams if they are recreational or cheer for their school. Some other cheer squads are competitive only, in which is a combination of chants, gymnastics and dance. Although most teams where a shell (cheerleading shirt) and a skirt above the knee, some teams have reverted into using spandex shorts for competitions. There is a constant confusion on whether or not this activity should be considered a sport.

Negative Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Uppity, Snobby, Bully, Conceited, stupid.

Positive Character Associations (which may or may not be true)- Cheerful, Uplifting, Preppy, Energetic, silly.
---Friend A: Have you seen Jennifer?
-Friend B: Yeah! She's in the gym.
---Friend A: Why, we had plans for tonight. Don't you remember? The Party?
-Friend B: She told me the had to prepare for the cheerleading competition, then go home to study.
---Friend A: Oh my gosh, ever since Jennifer become a cheerleader she can never hang anymore.
by Je'Dinero May 04, 2013
A sport that requires girls that can jump, dance, cheer, and have good grades. Often hated by people who:
1. Did not make the squad
2. Can't get laid by one
im a cheerleader at my highschool
by CharlotteTHEflYer April 30, 2005
A cheerleader is a person who decides to take up the team. It doesn't size whether a person is sexually active or mentally incapable of learning.
First I laugh at all these hataz cuz yall noe u come to tha game to begin with...if u really got a problem go fuck yourself and Jocks...i mean GOD!!thats practically a title of stupidity or packed muscle with no brain at all juss dead weight looking for a kick in tha ass!!!!
by Spongie August 25, 2004
a cheerleader is one who combines gymnastics, dance, yelling cardio, and jumping. Cheerleaders hold eachothers lives in their hands everyday and are underappreciated and stereotyped. Often, cheerleaders, are girls who show school spirit and motivate the players of the sport that she is cheering for.
I am in the top 10% of my class and am a damn good cheerleader who doesn't get under the sheets with every guy she sees so don't think all cheerleaders do. Although, i do happen to have a soft spot for football players!!
by sexicheerchic18 January 15, 2006
Cheerleaders are dancers that have gone retarded.
Cheerleading is so retarded.
by EBR July 29, 2005
---A real cheerleader (who is in it for the sport and friendships, not for the title) is a well-rounded ATHLETE. They have to be healthy and strong to be able to yell, throw, fly, kick, tumble, dance, and do sharp motions. A good memory and coordination along with charisma are also included in the long list of "needs" to be a cheerleader. Again, a REAL cheerleader is willing to help others, has to maintain high grades, and have a good attitude towards anything and everything. They have to be willing to make new friends. These are the ones who are nice to people no matter who you are.

---The "cheerleaders" who are just in it for the title are typically the ones who give cheerleading a bad name. These are the ones that cause the term cheerleader to be associated with slut, whore, preppy bitch, and hoe. These so-called "cheerleaders" normally walk through the halls like they are royalty. Thanks to them, the REAL cheerleaders are misjudged and wrongfully stereotyped.
(after practice)
true cheerleader- "I'm going straight home to practice that new cheer we learned."
fake cheerleader- "Like, time to go get my nails done, and then go hang out with my friends!!!"
by cheer_ATHLETE May 02, 2005
Young girls. With the exception of the rare flamer, these girls believe they are athletes. It is argued often, but truth is, they are certainly not.
Competition cheerleading is such a joke, do those slutty cheerleaders truly believe they are athletes?
by Hairy P. April 12, 2008
someone who works hard,
and is extremly determind.
I think what you're all thinking of is
"highschool cheerleading."
But, not in all cheerleading you cheer for jocks.
You compete,
and love and respect your team,
just like in any other REAL SPORT.
It requires strenght, courage, determination,
and muscle.
I'd like to see you people who think cheerleading
"isn't a sport,"
do a back handspring, a front handspring or
any other VERY tricky tumbling.
have you ever tried lifting a person,
on counts, with music, and doing it with style and grace.
Stop dissing cheerleaders,
cause you couldn't get one to look at you.
Also, Cheerleaders are not "blonde bimbo's"
That's called a stereo type!!
This is a sport that encourages pride.
So, whenever you break us down,
we just build ourselves RIGHT BACK UP.
AND, to people who think cheerleading is for sissys..
People have died cheerleading,
people will have broken an ankle,
and smiled and finished there routine,
and then when they get off the floor..
I'd like to see a sissy do that.
There's a thing called ALL STAR CHEERLEADING.
If Cheerleading isn't a sport,
isn't a sport either!!
Think about this..
in any other sport you drop a ball..
in cheerleading you drop a person.
If that's not a sport WHAT IS?
By the way,
most cheerleaders don't even use pom poms.


ATHLETES lift weights,

athlete anddd.. sport

A Cheerleader is an athlete.

Bridget's team went to worlds last year.

Cheersport Stingrays ROCKED Nationals.
by xo. RILEY; ( L ) * September 03, 2007