A Cheemo Is An Emo Who Wears Lonsdale .. !
For Example A Cheemo Is .. A 14-16 Boy Who Wears Lonsdale And Guyliner And Slits Their Wrists !
by Alice And Jack March 27, 2008
Top Definition
A cross between a chav and an emo
Cheemo gets the cock!
Look at that cheemo kid.
by Steph---x February 20, 2007
a simple way of saying peace or peace out!
ann: hey i got to go
sadie: oh okay byee
ann: cheemo =]
by igotit January 20, 2010
A chinese emo.

Can also be said as "chinemo"
Person 1: " Hey, look at that cheemo"
by CW001 February 21, 2009
when you think of cheemo one thing should pop in to your head ....... neemos cuzin.
cheemo is neemos over weight cuzin who ate neemos little brother teemo so neemo dont like cheemo any more..
by Nate DogG August 24, 2003
"Cheemo" means "Cheesy Emo" and applies to bands such as All American Rejects.

NOTE: Cheemo can also be an emo kid that likes cheemo bands.
"That band is so cheemo"

"hahahahaha *points* look at the cheemo kid"
by ross lacey September 29, 2005
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