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a state of uttmost coolness, hotness.
Wow, that guy's bmw is chedz!

Did you see that girl on the second floor?
She had chedz written all over her!
by Sigma Cool January 08, 2008
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yo bro i got chedz , lets go to the movies.
by thind November 24, 2010
Slang term for money.
Im going to meet up with buddy and collect some chedz
by The juice man420 April 07, 2011
The slang name given to the finest cuts of mature cheddar cheese.

Also, more commonly used to refer to somebody who acts as your shaddow, and has a severe lack of personal hygiene, often smelling of stale cheddar cheese.
"Aw fuck, here comes Chedz!"
by Caress Massac October 10, 2008

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