A coworker who goes around calling other "prima donna" while secretly hoarding a Cracker Barrel factory's worth of cheddar cheese in his desk, which is impressive since his desk is the size of a cassette tape.
Kyle is a real cheddars but, ever worse, he smells like gouda.
by #1 Thrilla November 04, 2009
Used in rural North Devon (South West England) to describe someones penis that is wider than is is long.
If you happen to be in this predicament - i.e. have a cheddar then your sex life is unlikely to be anything other than non existant
Clive - I heard that guys got a cheddar
Geoff - I know i saw it with my own eyes, i offered to give him a blow job, and to be fair it was pretty savage.
Clive - Yeah I can imagine, sounds fucked right up
by Clive and Geoff May 14, 2006
"non-gangster or wannabe gangster" meaning: cheesy, bad, or of poor quality.
That movie was fucking cheddar.
Look at Mike's cheddar dance moves.
by guido sanchez May 17, 2006

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