to be an item with someone so that they are your boyfriend or girlfriend.
"Are you two checkin?" = "You two together?"
by AlexaMaia March 15, 2007
Same as trying to get to know a person and what they are about.
"yeah i was checkin for you at the club last night" or
"Oh, you all miss skinny brothers "checkin" for you"
by Big Homie of the YZ Gang May 04, 2006
A: To check for testicular cancer in males.
B: To jack off; jack it; "jerk the gerken"; beat off; masturbate
C: An excuse for getting caught jacking off; jacking it; jerkin the gerken; beating off; masturbating.
A: I always check after i drop a 300 pund weight on my sac.
B: I check a lot after looking at pictures of Pam Anderson.
C: Checkin a lot is good for you.
by Checkster696 May 03, 2007
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