A white girl who likes black guys because they are the best lovers in the world. When together they make a "checkerboard" because of their black and white pattern when they hold each other close. She is known to love their soft skin and luscious lips.

Not always a great thing to be when bitchy black girls are around.

(what white wouldn't like a black man? whoever she is, is a liar!)
I am proud to be a checkerboard chick!

What the f**k! That damn white girl is flirting with my man. What a checkerboard chick!
by mary_andrews16 February 23, 2009
Top Definition
Either a black girl who is with a white boy or visa versa, a white girl with a black boy.
"My boyfriend is as black as night and I'm ivory. I am a checkerboard chick."
by Megan Hatley June 26, 2008
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