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Someone of limited intelligence, an idiot.
Shut up you cheb.

Stop being such a fucking cheb.
by hy6e October 26, 2010
40 32
Big Breasts! The word originated in Scotland many many years ago, to which I have been doing my part ever since to spread the word and religion of chebs.
Good to see it on here!
Look at the size of her chebs! I wouldnt mind sticking my face between those chebs.
by Haig January 12, 2004
553 114
scottish slang for the female mamary glands.
Jodies well ugly but she's got a healthy set of chebs!
by Davie January 10, 2003
264 82
a word to describe a top heavy lovlies prize possesions
holy shit batman! look at the size of her chebs!!!
by lewi-p August 15, 2003
190 88
A ladies breasts, certainly not a cock!
Excuse me, would you mind if I had a quick shot on your chebs?
by The SMB October 07, 2006
138 58
Another word for female breasts or tits
For example: "She's got massive chebs"
by Pleasure Lounger July 31, 2006
105 40
scottish slang for boobs, breasts, jugs, fun bags
aw man, look at the chebs on that
by urban commando August 07, 2008
71 28
big fuckin tities!!!!!!!!!!
jordan has big chebs
by rusty jones January 22, 2004
94 66