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a useless piece of shit who won't let even a penny out of site.

Dan Kong
Fuck, stop being a cheap fuck, the soda is only one fuckin dollar, I'll buy you one in return next time.
by anonymous February 28, 2003
11 17
Not relating to money; someone who is cheap is usually extremely cheesy, arrogant, and easily made fun of. Examples include Bill Paxton, David Hasselhof, Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump, or anyone who thinks they are the shit but really isn't.
Bill Paxton is so cheap...look at his haircut.
by Lucaaaaaas December 10, 2006
1 8
Also known as cheesy, and used in video games (particularly fighting games).. denotes deliberately repetitive tactics (e.g. repeated use of a particular special move, or just hitting the buttons repeatedly).
"That Jin player was really cheap."
by Mad Walrus September 01, 2002
8 15
The tactics a nerd uses when all he does is stay home on saturday nights and study combos in fighting games. If you aren't a geek obsessed with video games you may not know how to defend against these cheap tactics, and you will be called a "scrub" or "n00b" or other words used by lifetime virgins. When playing online, these people will do moves that require fast reflexes to counter, however since there is lag, you can't counter. So they just keep doing it over and over exploiting the weakness of online play.
Short jumping over and over in KOF 2002.

Picking Athena in King of Fighters 2002

Using Chun-Li in Snk vs Capcom.

Being a person named Emil-Team Evolution.
by Derek August 27, 2005
15 23
1. Scrub's way of defining excessive throwing in the Street Fighter games.

2. Excessively advanced tactics put into great use.
1. WTF throwing? That's cheap.

2. Stop roll-cancelling! That's cheap!
by Apoc September 24, 2003
5 13
Ipex and Ford
by anonymous October 23, 2003
5 15
an object with little value like a bag or clothesusually owned by low cost fucks who sit on their ass allday watchingcartoon network
hey man that bag looks pretty cheap was it from a jumble sale
by zara bee March 03, 2003
3 16