someone who gets something wrong or messes something obvious up big time causing everyone in the room to yell out "CHEAP!!!"
John Smith:2+2 is 5 I mean 7 I mean 3.
Everyone Else:It's 4 stupid. CHEAP!!!
by Abbykins Trumpboy December 03, 2008
An individual that goes beyond all reasonable means to save a buck (i.e. Take soda to a fast food restaurant in order to avoid paying for the soda at the restaurant when eating in the restaurant).
"Are you bringing a soda with you to the burger joint? Boy, you are cheap!"
by ZZZZ August 09, 2006
1: Not very expensive. The word cheap, however, is best avoided when selling cut-price items or bargains. Nobody likes to be thought of as 'cheap'.
2: A girl who is generous with her favours, to put it politely.
3: Lacking in imagination. Eg: 'cheap' ways of getting you to lose lives in a video game.
4: Someone who spends their life not paying their way. (eg: cheapskate).
The special effects in that film were really cheap. Looked like they'd put a collection bottle on a pub bar and paid for the effects out of the procedings.
by Stormsworder February 01, 2007
1.) Cheezy, kinda dumb, not all there, referring to someone that is not the brightest bulb in the box

(Its an east coast thing.....ya know, since Illinois is on the east coast)
That kid is cheap

Look at his cheap hat!

by Katy S. November 20, 2005
unfair, biased, assful, gay, inexpensive, profit-challenged, Go-Lo.
That cheap ass sold me a car with no seats, and that's the way I likes it.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
From The People's Area of NYC and surrounding areas. Meaning good and exceptional in a particular situation,skill or comment.Can replace the word 'good' in many occasions.
This guy DOT really wowed the ladies with some cheap ass lines.
by Me April 13, 2005
Not relating to money; someone who is cheap is usually extremely cheesy, arrogant, and easily made fun of. Examples include Bill Paxton, David Hasselhof, Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump, or anyone who thinks they are the shit but really isn't.
Bill Paxton is so cheap...look at his haircut.
by Lucaaaaaas December 10, 2006

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