The repition of moves especially in fighting games. Mostly used by sore loosers.
You are cheap in soul calibur.
by Yourmom November 13, 2003
A males ball sack
Dang! that guy has some big cheaps!
by Wing Wing June 18, 2010
(n): Smart, generally consisting of Indians and Asians, particularly Chinese.
No no no no, he pronounced it "Cheap" but he meant "smart".
by jschoo January 07, 2009
a dumb, girl who wont get off your jock.
something sleesy, easy, and a pain.

some cheap chick is with your man, dude!
by Phychic Master June 16, 2008
one who cant bear to spend money on Anything.
one who will die wearing rags, living in a cardboard box, with millions in their bank account.
Marc is so cheap that he uses cold water to wash dishes to save money

Marc is so cheap he brings his dates out to thier parents fridge for dinner.

Marc is so cheap he buys water at the bar and tells people its vodka

Marc is so cheap that he makes 45k a year, has 30k in the bank and drives around a 15 year old paintless dodge neon.
by FOrty September 08, 2006
A female who cares neither who nor what she has sex with.
Man, my ex was so cheap.
by MightyStalin666 March 18, 2003
someone who gets something wrong or messes something obvious up big time causing everyone in the room to yell out "CHEAP!!!"
John Smith:2+2 is 5 I mean 7 I mean 3.
Everyone Else:It's 4 stupid. CHEAP!!!
by Abbykins Trumpboy December 03, 2008
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