A word used by dumb ass scrubs & n00bs to taunt any move/person that can beat them in a fighting game.
Scrub/n00b: Hey, AHVB is cheap!
Scrub/n00b: Don't pick Cable, he's cheap!
Scrub/n00b: I'm not playing against you! You're cheap!
by RS September 20, 2003
1. Using the same attack over and over again. Commonly used in Fighting games.

Cheap people are often flammed by higher level people or people that lose to them.

2. Why people don't like playing soul calibur IV online.
1. M.Bison looks strong! I guess I'll have to be cheap and use hadouken over and over again!

2. Sophitia looks like a threat! I guess I'll have to be cheap with KILIK ONLINE!
by I can prolly beat you September 01, 2009
Someone who is frugal, does not enjoy spending money, see jew
Man, people on the east coast are cheap
by Ademan February 01, 2005
Referring to women’s underwear that is not expensive.
I'm wearing some cheaps from Walmart because they don't stay on long.
by scribble14 April 23, 2009
(n): Smart, generally consisting of Indians and Asians, particularly Chinese.
No no no no, he pronounced it "Cheap" but he meant "smart".
by jschoo January 07, 2009
low quality, trashy, ugly, a descriptive term towards someone/something

usually said in a high tone
Look at that commercial, its so cheap!

That girls hair is so cheap!

(when a computer crashes) "CHEAP!"
by theveg10 November 08, 2011
A males ball sack
Dang! that guy has some big cheaps!
by Wing Wing June 18, 2010

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