Communist Revolutionary that sadly was born on the wrong planet. Communism will never work with Human beings because we are competitive and greedy by nature. We cannot work as ants do in a hive (Even though they have a queen, they are pure communist, just watch a colony one day and you'll see) for the pure benefit of all man, if we don't have some kind of immediate benefit (money, fame, etc) nothing will get done. The only reason most countries have stayed communist is because of their very opressive military prescence on their streets. Capitalism is, unfortunately, the way of Humans and monarchy is also very popular. People WANT to be told what to do by someone smarter than them, they want to buy stuff, they want to worship paper and metal, thats how it is.
Poor Che Guevara, if ony he knew
by The Joe Murray November 25, 2005
One of the most influentional revolutionaries of the 20th century. Ernesto Guevara was born in Argentina. He had ancestors from Ireland. he suffered from mostly all his life. He loved rugby. The studied to b and doctor and soon got his medical degree. He was especially curious about the people who suffered from leprasy. In his early 20s he took a motorcycle ride throughout most of the countires in south america. He saw many of the textiles and beautiful natural resourse his latino countries had, but wondered how they were being robbed of what they could really produce. He then meet a young peruvian woman who then they studied Marx and lenin and many other socialist reformists. He got married then had 5 kids. He then fled to mexico city where most political exiles fled to during that time. There he meet castro who wanted to over throw the bautista dictatorship in cuba. The regime was secretly benifitin the U.S. government and the cuban hated bautista. Che went with castro to cuba. After fighting for about 5 years and Guevara moving up in rankings the revolution was won in 1959. Che momtivated the people to stop the imperialism in there country and then they started to stop all the bussinesses owned by the U.S. ( gas stations, fast food, clothing stores) They kept it for the people which s what socialism is. The U.S. then got pissed and formed a blockade not sending any imports since then. Geuvara didn't giva a fuck. He didn't want cuba just to produce sugar canes. So he started to agricult many new crops not used before in that land. A few years later he felt like he needed to keep doing his revolutions around the world to stop the yankeee imperialism. In 1965 he left for the zaire or the congo. There he tried to start a revolution againt mostly beglium controlled terrortry. He wasn't succesful. He felt the soliders were badly trained and in need of much discipline. He then left and went back to cuba for awhile. He asked castro for some soliders to fight in south america. He then went to bolivia which is surrounded by 5 other countries and would be good to start a revolution.when he got there to the jungle not much of what Castro had promised to send was there. also some russian help wasn't there. The bolivian cummunist fighters were to fuckin pussy and didn't come to help guevara when they said they would. Always debated Castro some what desserted guevara because he was gettin to popular or because castro only cared about cuba. Later in the fight much undernumbered and many of his soliders to week and distro about his recent mother's death and faliure in the congo Guevara was captured. He was then held hostage in a remote young run down school by a solider. They then gave to the order to shot him because the bolivians which were trained by the fuckin U.S. Green baretts who fought in the korean and vietnam war ( becuse such a revolution wouldn't benifit the U.S. from conrtolling those south american countries) killed him because they didn't want any prisoners. His body was then put on display but his message is lived out through out the world.
the imperialism is whats keepin the south americans countires under developed and 3rd world had che guevara lived bush wouldnt be here
by Da Troof October 16, 2005
1. A terrorist/revolutionary leader who spent the better part of his life fighting the forces of Capitalism only to wind up with his face on t shirts being sold at The Gap and Hot Topic.

2. A 'cultural image' that is found on t shirt, mugs, bookbags, or any paraphernalia of the disaffected rebellious teenager or hipster douche.
"Dude we're totally going to the Occupy protest, I'ma be wearing my Che Guevara shirt and everything."
by That Rat Bastard August 05, 2012
Che Guevara was a anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-black mass-murdering psychopath who is inexplicably idolized by idiotic high-school and college liberals. He is most commonly seen adorning t-shirts purchased from corrupt capitalist corporations, which is ironic considering the fact that Che Guevara was a Communist.

Che Guevara died like a bitch at the age of 39 by execution while begging for his life like the coward he was. He is currently rotting in the pits of hell right next to Joseph and Adolf.
"Rebellious" Liberal: Man, Che Guevara was a political genius! Viva la Revolución!
Intelligent Human Being: Che Guevara? You mean the mass-murdering commie scumfuck war criminal who killed thousands without due process or trial? Go and educate yourself before you spread the philosophy of terrorists, mmmkay?
by Smithy983497 April 20, 2015
the guy from the t-shirts.
(in spanish class)
Ms. spanish teacher: and now class we come to a crucial point in the revolution, thanks to che guevara-

me: hey! its that dude from those shirts!

everyone else: hey! it is!
by ashtonkutcher March 06, 2008
A true champion of hmuanity. Born in Agrentina, travelled throughout Latin America during his youth, Study medicine and served the needy, the poor and the sick. He specialise in allergy, as he was suffering from lifelong asthma problem. He joined Fidel Castro and was also a Minister under Cuban government. He left Fidel to help fight Imperialism. Was finally captured and executed by the CIA trained Bolivian army. His last words "Shoot coward, you're killing only a man".
Was a true follower of Karl Marx. He died for what he believed.
by Saimok April 03, 2005
A man who was devoted to giving people free education and healthcare, stuff that really matters unlikehere in america where u pay through the nose
it seems like health care and education are only for the rich these days
by Fidel Castro March 30, 2003
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