You hypocrites say you stand for what this man stood for, with your che shirt on.


You idiots, by buying a che shirt, you are doin exactly what Che would give his life (and other lives) for to stop!

You are supporting fucking capitalism... especially by purchasing a product from a huge clothes corporation, that is exploiting Che's face for profit.


that goes to all you self proclaimed "hardcore punks" that wear ANARCHY shirts!!!! .. every time one of you ignorant "punks" walks buy with a 40 dollar Anarchy shirt on.. i laugh my fuckin ass off, and spit in your face. pffft non conformists and anarchists MY ASS.
I respect Che Guevara's attempt to change a fucked up land, but he was as ignorant as Castro, Hitler AND Bush.
by gn0me-- February 10, 2005
The Osama Bin Laden of the Cold War:

- Born into a rich family in a country economically colonized by the West.
- Disillusioned with the system that made his family - and consequently him, - wealthy; for somewhat legitimate reasons.
- Ostracized by his family for his opposition to this system.
- Turned to a mind-numbing and violent ideology of radical opposition to the system in place, popular with many others at the time due to legitimate flaws and a lack of opportunities for civil opposition, but far more flawed in its own nature.
- Funded by institutionalized proponents of the radical opposition ideology to "spread it," although not always entirely in-line with their specific principles.
- Ran around in the backwoods of desolate countries with poor and uneducated populations, trying to motivate them to join his cause and oppose the system; and mostly succeeding only in de-stabilizing said countries as the people there were wary of both.
- Eventually killed by the military of one such country who were tipped off by the local population that was annoyed with him running around in their backyards. (This has not YET happened to Bin Laden, unfortunately.)
Next time you see someone wearing a "Che Guevara" shirt, imagine how you'd feel in 30 years if someone wore an "Osama Bin Laden" shirt.
by EngineerofSouls July 04, 2010
A dick head or in other words a communist
how can anyone support him when you know what ideas he fought for
by Ronto February 10, 2005
1. According to Paris Hilton a Fashion Designer
2. According to a girl I know a Popstar
3. A son of a rich Family who became a Doctor n then decided to fight against capitalism. Oh I forgot not in his own Country but somewhere else. COS HIS PARENTS WERE DAMN RICH! N SO WAS HE! That's what ppl call hipocracy
Btw He'd rotate in his grave if he's know that a lot of dollars r made with his face on fashion
by Felix February 10, 2005
A racist mass murderer.
Che Guevara was a racist piece of shit mass murderer like Adolf Hitler except that he was Cuban and didn't kill as many people before he got his brains splattered all over that ground which he deserved because he did the same thing to so many others =)
by I'mrightsoyou'rewrong May 31, 2005
A revolutionary who had the thoughts of the people on his mind. He did not wish to bring dictatorship to the world, like that shithead Josef Stalin did, but followed the true ideals of Karl Marx every step of the way, believing that all people are equal.

Was killed by the CIA and betrayed by Fidel Castro, who turned Cuba into the festering shithole that it is today.
Che Guevara is an inspiration to true socialists all over the world, who want to see change. It's time to fight back against the imperialistic desires of American Capitalism, and Capitalism worldwide. Against globalization! Against a global institution of dictatorship! Workers of the world, UNTIE!!
by Fade October 12, 2003
Communist Revolutionary that sadly was born on the wrong planet. Communism will never work with Human beings because we are competitive and greedy by nature. We cannot work as ants do in a hive (Even though they have a queen, they are pure communist, just watch a colony one day and you'll see) for the pure benefit of all man, if we don't have some kind of immediate benefit (money, fame, etc) nothing will get done. The only reason most countries have stayed communist is because of their very opressive military prescence on their streets. Capitalism is, unfortunately, the way of Humans and monarchy is also very popular. People WANT to be told what to do by someone smarter than them, they want to buy stuff, they want to worship paper and metal, thats how it is.
Poor Che Guevara, if ony he knew
by The Joe Murray November 25, 2005

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