One of the most influentional revolutionaries of the 20th century. Ernesto Guevara was born in Argentina. He had ancestors from Ireland. he suffered from mostly all his life. He loved rugby. The studied to b and doctor and soon got his medical degree. He was especially curious about the people who suffered from leprasy. In his early 20s he took a motorcycle ride throughout most of the countires in south america. He saw many of the textiles and beautiful natural resourse his latino countries had, but wondered how they were being robbed of what they could really produce. He then meet a young peruvian woman who then they studied Marx and lenin and many other socialist reformists. He got married then had 5 kids. He then fled to mexico city where most political exiles fled to during that time. There he meet castro who wanted to over throw the bautista dictatorship in cuba. The regime was secretly benifitin the U.S. government and the cuban hated bautista. Che went with castro to cuba. After fighting for about 5 years and Guevara moving up in rankings the revolution was won in 1959. Che momtivated the people to stop the imperialism in there country and then they started to stop all the bussinesses owned by the U.S. ( gas stations, fast food, clothing stores) They kept it for the people which s what socialism is. The U.S. then got pissed and formed a blockade not sending any imports since then. Geuvara didn't giva a fuck. He didn't want cuba just to produce sugar canes. So he started to agricult many new crops not used before in that land. A few years later he felt like he needed to keep doing his revolutions around the world to stop the yankeee imperialism. In 1965 he left for the zaire or the congo. There he tried to start a revolution againt mostly beglium controlled terrortry. He wasn't succesful. He felt the soliders were badly trained and in need of much discipline. He then left and went back to cuba for awhile. He asked castro for some soliders to fight in south america. He then went to bolivia which is surrounded by 5 other countries and would be good to start a revolution.when he got there to the jungle not much of what Castro had promised to send was there. also some russian help wasn't there. The bolivian cummunist fighters were to fuckin pussy and didn't come to help guevara when they said they would. Always debated Castro some what desserted guevara because he was gettin to popular or because castro only cared about cuba. Later in the fight much undernumbered and many of his soliders to week and distro about his recent mother's death and faliure in the congo Guevara was captured. He was then held hostage in a remote young run down school by a solider. They then gave to the order to shot him because the bolivians which were trained by the fuckin U.S. Green baretts who fought in the korean and vietnam war ( becuse such a revolution wouldn't benifit the U.S. from conrtolling those south american countries) killed him because they didn't want any prisoners. His body was then put on display but his message is lived out through out the world.
the imperialism is whats keepin the south americans countires under developed and 3rd world had che guevara lived bush wouldnt be here
by Da Troof October 16, 2005
As a follower of Marx, Che Guevara knew that the working class will always use whatever is relevant to its time and condition in its struggle against capitalists. T-shirts are the new literature, a new pamphlet, a way to convey solidarity and a way to educate and inform.

Don't be misled by ill-informed people who suggest Che or any other past Marxist would "kill you" or be offended by their images on a shirt or any other object.

Do try to honor Che's memory by buying a shirt through a poster or t-shirt collective.
"If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine." - Che Guevara
by LCP April 26, 2006
Many definitions given abaout El Che have stated that his last words were:"Don't Shoot! I'm Che! I'm worth to you more alive than dead!" this, honestly, is a lie.

CIA-trained Bolivian Sergeant Bernardino Huanca said to ches biographer el che "said" that after he had benn wounded, TWICE, and his rifle had been rendered useless. and ,even if this happend to be true, those were not his last words.

Ernesto "Che" Guevara's true last words were:
"I know you've come to kill me. Shoot, coward! You are only going to kill a man!"

to all who call him a coward, no coward would have left the life he had to fight 3 revolutions.

to all who call him a failure, the french philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre called him "the most complete man of the century"

to all who call him a genocidal racist, el che said to the USA policy towars blacks:"Those who kill their own children and discriminate daily against them because of the color of their skin; those who let the murderers of blacks remain free, protecting them, and furthermore punishing the black population because they demand their legitimate rights as free men — how can those who do this consider themselves guardians of freedom?" besides, he fought a revolution in CUBA and in EL CONGO ,has it ever ocurred to you that most there arent precisly pearl white?

They may kill the revolutionary, but never the revolution.
by ornulu July 15, 2010
A person whose mug many idiot, wannabe, poser college kids want other people to see on their t-shirts or hats and yet these posers are oblivious to the man's history and what he stood for.

You know who you are you wannabe poser hippies!
Poser: Hey check out my Che t-shirt, it rocks!
Educated person who doesn't wear a Che shirt: (kicks poser's head in the ground) Shut up poser! Go home and put on your Gap Shirt you mom bought you!
by RC January 24, 2005
Any of you morons who say he is communists are stupid, he was socialist, there is a very big difference, also the people who say those who buy t-shirts with him on them are poser, are very right, they are mroons, hense why you should make your own, or buy one from a private company!!!
Che Guevara was a good man who cared about the people, Castro basically screwed him over by becoming dictator.
by Hasuki March 27, 2005
A Hero who rebelled against Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista alongside Fidel Casto.Seen by many as a true historical icon but also viewed by others a terrorist.Was born in Argentina in 1928,the eldest of Five children.Made trips around South America after studying at medical school.In July 1955 he met Fidel Castro and enlisted in the Guerilla expedition to overthrow The dictator Batista.In November 1956 set sail aboard Granma as the doctor to the guerilla group that brgan the armed struggle in the sierra maestra mountains.After only a few months was appointed by Castro as the first Rebel Army commander.In September 1958 he played a decisive role in the military defeat of Batista whilst leading a Guerilla column westward from the Sierra Maestra mountains. After Batista fled Cuba in January 1959,Guevara became a key leader of the new revoloutionary goverment.Guevara also represented The Cuban revoloutionary goverment around the world,heading numerous delegations and speaking at the United nations and other international forums.Guevara eventually left Cuba in 1965 to lead a Cuban-organized guerilla mission to support the revoloutionary struggle in Congo.Later that year he returned to Cuba to prepare another Cuban-organized guerilla force for Bolivia,Arriving in Bolivia in 1966,Guevarra's plan was to challenge that country's military dictatorship and eventually instigate a revoloutionary movement to extend all through Latin America.Che was wounded and captured by US-trained and run Bolivian countersurgency troops on October 8th,1967.wrongly claimed that his final words were'Its me, Che, Im worth more alive than dead.' its also reported that moments before his death he was asked was he thinking of his own immortality, his reply was 'No, im thinking of the immortality of the revoloution.' Che then told his executioner 'I know you've come to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man' the executioner then open fired hitting Che in his arms and legs.Che as left writhing on the ground,apparently biting his wrist to avoid crying out and allow them to see his pain.Teran(the executioner) then opened fire again fatally hitting him in the Chest then finally his throat.His body was put on display in the hospital. his body was then hidden, only to be found in 1997 to be finally be buried in a fitting military burial. his Legacy still lives to this day with opinions split on Reputation.
Che Guevara is seen as the ultimate freedom fighter.
by Viva La Che! February 16, 2009
A red who nearly blew the lid off our hypocritical land.
" Che was history's greatest man. We will always honour his memory". - Nelson Mandela

" We will resolve the conflict betweem the Indians and the Paki's"....- Gaffe by G.W. Bush.
by G.W. Bush June 16, 2005
A Real LatinAmerican Hero!!!

He was a good man, a real freedom fighter, not a terrorist. If you think that, there's chances that you are a redneck. Bush has killed more in Irak. For real, the man saves more lifes in Cuba that old Batista did. Read a book about him, like the one done by Hugo Gambini!
We can support che guevara because we know what ideas he fought for: all people are equal.
by Loudwing Truelling April 11, 2008
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