One of the most influentional revolutionaries of the 20th century. Ernesto Guevara was born in Argentina. He had ancestors from Ireland. he suffered from mostly all his life. He loved rugby. The studied to b and doctor and soon got his medical degree. He was especially curious about the people who suffered from leprasy. In his early 20s he took a motorcycle ride throughout most of the countires in south america. He saw many of the textiles and beautiful natural resourse his latino countries had, but wondered how they were being robbed of what they could really produce. He then meet a young peruvian woman who then they studied Marx and lenin and many other socialist reformists. He got married then had 5 kids. He then fled to mexico city where most political exiles fled to during that time. There he meet castro who wanted to over throw the bautista dictatorship in cuba. The regime was secretly benifitin the U.S. government and the cuban hated bautista. Che went with castro to cuba. After fighting for about 5 years and Guevara moving up in rankings the revolution was won in 1959. Che momtivated the people to stop the imperialism in there country and then they started to stop all the bussinesses owned by the U.S. ( gas stations, fast food, clothing stores) They kept it for the people which s what socialism is. The U.S. then got pissed and formed a blockade not sending any imports since then. Geuvara didn't giva a fuck. He didn't want cuba just to produce sugar canes. So he started to agricult many new crops not used before in that land. A few years later he felt like he needed to keep doing his revolutions around the world to stop the yankeee imperialism. In 1965 he left for the zaire or the congo. There he tried to start a revolution againt mostly beglium controlled terrortry. He wasn't succesful. He felt the soliders were badly trained and in need of much discipline. He then left and went back to cuba for awhile. He asked castro for some soliders to fight in south america. He then went to bolivia which is surrounded by 5 other countries and would be good to start a revolution.when he got there to the jungle not much of what Castro had promised to send was there. also some russian help wasn't there. The bolivian cummunist fighters were to fuckin pussy and didn't come to help guevara when they said they would. Always debated Castro some what desserted guevara because he was gettin to popular or because castro only cared about cuba. Later in the fight much undernumbered and many of his soliders to week and distro about his recent mother's death and faliure in the congo Guevara was captured. He was then held hostage in a remote young run down school by a solider. They then gave to the order to shot him because the bolivians which were trained by the fuckin U.S. Green baretts who fought in the korean and vietnam war ( becuse such a revolution wouldn't benifit the U.S. from conrtolling those south american countries) killed him because they didn't want any prisoners. His body was then put on display but his message is lived out through out the world.
the imperialism is whats keepin the south americans countires under developed and 3rd world had che guevara lived bush wouldnt be here
by Da Troof October 16, 2005
A fanatical Argentine communist who joined up with Fidel Castro and became one of the leaders of the Cuban Revolution. Was responsible for the deaths of political prisoners. He was too extreme even for Fidel, so he left Cuba and travelled around the world to foment global revolution (unsuccessfully]. His assassination in Bolivia turned him into a martyr, and his picture was widely reproduced on magazine covers, posters, and T-shirts. It didn't hurt that he was one of the few "hot" communist leaders, making him the James Dean of Communism. Today his picture is worn on T-shirts mostly by wealthy American teenagers from extremely privileged backgrounds, ironically the same class he would love to have destroyed, mainly because he was a very good looking man who is vaguely considered a symbol of rebellion.
Very few of the kids who wear Che Guevara T-shirts have the slightest idea about Che's actual political beliefs.
by Rattus cattus October 26, 2006
A communist douche bag who hated money (literally), executed prisoners of war, and only succeeded in one battle where his opponents actually surrendered. He ran a notorious political prison and murdered many innocent people. He then traveled to the Congo where he fostered more violence. Upon his return to South America, he was murdered by the Bolivian army in much the same way he murdered political prisoners.
Young college douchebag - "Che Guevara was hero!"
Someone with half a brain - "I didn't know heroes ran political prisons and executed men who already surrendered."
by James March 22, 2006
Ernesto "Che" Guevara was an Argentine Marxist Revolutionary, physician, author, guerilla warfare leader, diplomat, military theorist, and a major figure during the Cuban Revolution. Today he has become an icon among popular culture and is worn on many t-shirts. 3/4 of those who wear his shirt do not even know much about Che. Che was simply a product of his environment and after travelling all over South America with his friend Alberto Granado, he was very disturbed by the poverty, sickness, and injustices he witnessed. These travels of his are written down in "The Motorcycle Diaries." He believed that these problems in South America existed because of monopoly capitalism, imperialism, and neocolonialism. In addition, he believed that the most sufficient solution to these problems was a world revolution. Guevara became even more radical in his beliefs after witnessing the coup d'état of Guatemala's government which was carried out by the United States government and CIA. Guatemala’s government was then replaced by a military junta, headed by Colonel Carlos Castillo. Che later met Raul and Fidel Castro while in Mexico City and decided to join their revolutionary group - the 26th of July Movement (named after the day of Fidel's failed attack on the Moncada barracks). They then boarded an old beat up yacht appropriately named the “Granma” and headed to Cuba to begin their revolution in an attempt to overthrow the U.S. backed dictator Fulgencio Batista.
Upon their arrival, Batista’s army takes out 2/3 of the 82 rebels and only about 12 witness their victory over Batista’s governenment after Batista flees Cuba. In January 1959, rebels led by Che Guevara captured La Cabaña and used it as a headquarters and as a military prison for several months while leading the Cuban revolution. During his five-month tenure in that post, Guevara oversaw the revolutionary tribunals and executions of suspected war criminals, traitors, chivatos (informants), and former members of Batista's secret police. Che acquired the additional position of Finance Minister as President of the National Bank, which along with Minister of Industries, placed him at the zenith of his power, as the "virtual czar" of the Cuban economy. After their victory in Cuba, Che made trips to China, the Soviet Union, and also helped rebels during the Congo Crisis. When he began his revolutionary campaign in Bolivia, no one was sure about whether he was alive or not. Ultimately, Che was discovered and captured by Bolivian forces. His finals words to his executioner were, “I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man.” As he was getting shot, he bit into his wrist to prevent himself from crying out. His body was then buried in an unmarked grave. His hands were cut off and sent to Fidel Castro with a picture of his corpse as proof of his death. In 1997 his remains were discovered and buried in Cuba.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ September 15, 2010
Secondary leader of the brutal Marxist revolution along side with Fidel Castro in Cuba, Che is also known for being a Marxist revolutionary throughout Latin America. Che is even made into a key character in the musical "Evita" about Argentinian politics and corruption. Sharing the same opinion as Castro, Che wished to spread communism throughout South America. Che justified the killings of capitalists and other innocent human beings as part of Karl Marx's "dialectic process" of progression into utopian Marxism. Ultimately, Che was a key factor in the destabilization of Latin American governments, and is one of the quintessential causes of prolonged Latin American poverty and widespread death. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro stand on the podium alongside other mass murderers and subversionists in history as evil human beings responsible for destroying the potentials of once great nations.
Che Guevara is the man that Hot Topic puts on its shirts, however little consumerist "anti-society" children don't know that Che probably would have tried to kill them if he was alive today
by FreeMarketPatriot March 07, 2006
A man who's faces is on t- shirts that wanna-b socialist or stupid college studnets wear.
A stuppid "know it all college liberal" wears a che guevara t shirt, I tell her she is stupid because she is supporting the capitilist system that Che hated.
She says "he inspired millions of people and gave them hope"
I tell her "So did Hitler"
by $teve January 13, 2007
Another communist pinko loser. Communism sucks. Get a job and do something with your life and stop complaining and trying to suck everything out of people who actually work hard to get wealthy.
All you liberal communist hippies who want a revolution so you can just sit around like bums doing nothing with your life disgusts me. Communism will never work. And who in their right mind thinks that they can decide what "the people" want. Only poor people, bums, and tree huggers want communism because they are jealous that others have what they don't.
by Shoelace February 10, 2005
It doesn't matter who he was, or what he did, not any more.
What matters is that he re-awakened the idea of a Romantic hero.
He inspired the imaginations of millions, and offered hope to anyone who ever believed in something.
He represents passion vs rationality, because he gave his very life for what was in his heart.
It doesn't matter if he was a failure, or even a bad man, because he represents the human soul in a way unlike anyone else of the 20th century.
Hasta la Victoria Siempre!
by Conan Reich June 22, 2005
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