misspelling of "che cazzo".
meaning what the fuck, what the hell, all that good shit.
cazzo is fuck, dick, balls, basically any obscenity. so yeah.
Chrissy, you come to me with this? Che caso (cazzo)! Sometimes, I wonder why you're even a made man.
by Hawaiian Dicking February 04, 2010
(pronounced kay CAT-zo)
a southern Italian phrase that means literally, "what the balls!?!" but translates best to "What the hell?!?" or "What the fuck?!?"
it is usually followed by the speaker's reasoning for the initial disgust.
Che caso, Mario. I told-a you to put-a dee pizza inside-a dee oven!

che caso e'? ->translation: what the hell is this?
by mMmAzZ January 25, 2008

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