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1. kidding
2. an action involving the displaying of boobs, for the purpose of tempting a guy to grab them. furthermore chboobsin or chbuttin does not make it alright to actually partake in the suggested act, however it does make it less of a slapable offense and should therefore be laughed off if said male party decides to partake
Definition 1-
Friend 1: Hey man, I'm moving to India Saturday.
Friend 2: Are you chboobsin me?!
Friend 1: haha yeah sorry man, I'm not going anywhere

Definition 2-
Chris: Damn Kaylee's been chboobsin me alllll day. I'm thinking of just going in for the grab.
Joey: It's not as bad as Alice's constant chbuttin, her booty is like the most perfect bubble
Chris: We gotta stay strong...
by juliansgirl November 26, 2009
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