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CHOCOLATE -an oral 'treat'; as is cunnilingus! though 'CHAW' clit suggests roughness, it remains oral based! one doesn't necessarily 'chaw' (or chew) a clitoris, the wise person utilizes more of a tongue-caress.

upon experiencing the explosive results of this, the question of 'goodness' and/or validity of a 'ramming penis' seems desirable to the male only! -the emphasis of the tongue as regards to lesbians, should provide a masters degree education for the male.

AS a male, 'ramming to oblivion' DOES carry a bit of 'charm' but, as a would-be "gentleman", i like to 'mix-it-up'!!! -besides NOBODY deserves to go home unhappy!!

-NOW, time 4 some CHAW CLIT!!
he ate a piece of chaw clit while dreaming of lapping clit!

this chaw clits' almost as good as realclit!!

me like to lick you like chaw clit (subliminal message! and/or pickup line!)
by michael foolsley February 01, 2010

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