One who fails at life...
Come on man dont be such a Chavo
by Chibi-Poo June 09, 2010
a person dat gets money in an instant. one wh is a beast in gettins money
dis boul gets mad CHAVO.
by alex pinero October 05, 2007
Chavo: Chavo is a noun referring to a guy who claims to be strait but has a gay fettish for giving other guys "high-fives"
Dude, brandons such a chavo, i just gave him a high five and he got a weird look in his eyes.
by Johnny The Tid May 24, 2006
A guy that loves racing cars, uses a lot of hair gel and tag/axe body spray, as far as musical tastes goes, loves stuff like linkin park, although their taste can also expand to hip hop as well as pop. Predominately are of mexican or asian descent, hence the name "chavo".
Billy: "What the hell is Jose?"
Rachael: "What do you mean?"
Billy: "I mean what's his clique, he's not really a rocker or gangsta."
Rachael: "Ohhhhhhh, he's chavo"
Billy: "Ohhhh, thats what you call those"
by ajfhaghakusrghkrbk January 13, 2008

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