Somebody who dresses like a chav and acts all "'ard" despite being about four inches tall.

They generally travel in medium sized groups, occasionally trailing about twenty yards behind their mother.
God damn chavlets are stupid.
by OCE April 22, 2004
Top Definition
* the chavlet is the next generation of chavs. gawd save us all
* a smaller version of a regular chav really
* usually got chavvy parents/siblings/cousins etc. or the product of a chavette and chav procreating.
* between the ages of 6 and 11 (after that age they either get a life and develop their own style, or become fully fledged chavs)
* think they are 'hard' 'cause they have 'hard' relatives....poor souls
I'm going to get my brother/cousin/mum on you! (please note that chavlet's grammar and spelling is corrected to a level, where the rest of the population can understand!)
by {kleine duiwel} October 15, 2005
a mini chav they are just like a chav only there stupid little kids who think chavs are cool
chavlet is 7 year old who trys to copy uncool idiots who hang out outside the local mc donalds
by lol hehe October 11, 2007
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