Any russian or ukrainian girl.No excepions
A russian or ukrainian girl is always a chavette
by magnus.smagnus October 22, 2011
The kind of girl who, in front of others, you'd probably claim is ugly, shallow and full of STIs.

But if you had the chance you'd bang her til sunrise.
Dave: Hah, look at that skanky chavette!
Pete: Yeah, what a she's got all sorts of shit.

Dave (later, at home): Fuck man, I'd love to bone that chavette.

Pete (later, at home): That chavette was fit as fuck.
by pryda February 06, 2008
a chavette is a female chav nd not al chavettes are thick cause i am a chavette and i am quite smart, chavettes dont waer fake jewllery its all real and most of the babys they are seen to cart around arnt usually theirs ne way. Their languadge is jus shortened words.
ear mush u got a cig.
by chavette babe March 20, 2005
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