Female version of a chav
typical chavette ;
failed curly hair with so much mousse it looks wet & greasy
a tracksuit
orange foundation, badly applied
shiny pouting fish lips
usually fat
a coat/waistcoat with a fluffy hood
an inabilty to speak english
"bling bling"

basically chavs & chavettes walk (well you can't really call it walking) round thinking they're "so ard", spitting on the floor and smoking and starting a fight with any random passer-by.
chavette ; orriteee bbz gt me a new adidas trckiie 2 go wv ma burberry cap init gna gt fckiin smshd outa ma hedd den stab sum rndomer cs iim ard lyk dat!11!

me ; stfu.
by ksekid July 28, 2008
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A chavette is;

Looks; usually in last-seasons skinny jeans, a United Colours Of Benetton t-shirt, Ugg boots or 'pumps' and a body warmer complete with a fur hood. Either razor-straight hair or attempted scrunched with mousse. This results in wet looking, kinked, flat hair with no curl whatsoever. When the hair is up, usually pulled very tight into a side poyntail with an attempted quiff. Adores Dior. A ridiculous amount of eyeliner and make up is always used. Foundation line always visible.

Attitude; very arrogant. Anyone who would dare like Fall Out Boy and not Akon is labeled an emo, and tends to walk around playing unreleased R&B songs they found on LimeWire. Goes around in packs, attracts a worrying amount of male attention. In photos, a pose is always used.These range from the popular 'gunz' sign, blowing a kiss, looking up and away from the webcam in order to make eyes look better. Writes in capitals, but replaces a capital 'I' with 'ii'.
'I is gonna buy the new Akon single cos it's mash up. I is not a chavette you emo'
by Just.Daydream March 25, 2007
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hmm, were to start, they wear this stange white eyeshadow which looks like paint, they then wear so much hair gel that their hair actually looks painful, dont get me started on the 'gold' hoop earings, cigarette in one hand, mobile in another and probably sitting by her babys pram in the park outside her council block with her brethren around her swearing spitting and swigging cheap cider.
victimising emos and or goths and walking up to people and saying 'u dissin me' or something along those lines.

most of the time, these... people (i use the term lightly) are seen hanging around kids parks, outside supermarkets and in or around macdonalds,,, (note, they are normally sat in their boyfriends chavvy modified cars)

a new thing is to write and say 'izzles or ozzles' after every word along with old favourites such as 'oh my daze' and 'tis mush' and 'ite' instead of are you alright.

they wear mainly pink and white sports gear from shops like sports world and have those things that i call chav jackets, you know the body warmers with the huge furry hoods.

they are generally foul mouthed. the chavettes are either extremely skinny or over weight, over weight chavs normally dress like boys i think they think they are gangster

of course not forgetting sovereign rings and they have big mouths
my cousin (who i will save from the shame by not naming) is sadly a chavette, she most commonly wears mini skirts which barely cover her arse horrid pink and white trainers, a burberry type cap (that poor brand)calls everyone mush and says innit alot. she attends grasstrack meets and wears so much make up i am surprised that she can show emotion. her hair is like straw were she has dyed and straitened it far too much and she is obsessed with thise damn hooped earings!
by darrens_girl22 May 25, 2007
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A female Chav also known as a female NED!!
Take a look at www.glasgowsurvival.co.uk
by Danny-B- March 23, 2004
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The chavette is a female chav, they are very promiscuous often seen hanging around in groups of up to 10 in the local park or near the off license or bus shelter, sporting a very short skirt and a low cut top with some fake logo that ever so slightly resembles that of a more well known one and sometimes a fake logo baseball cap and some plastic gold "bling", trying to attract "fit bois" and acquire the ultimate chavette fashion accessory, a baby, or "babby". A Chavette's lifestyle choices often include (childcare permitting) a college course in hairdressing, beauty therapy, or although very rare, a music course where they can "lay some shit down" in other words talk very fast into a mic. Chavettes also hate moshers, rockers, punks and anyone who is not a chav or townie. Chavette music choices often include rave, dance, house, rap, hip hop, r&b ect.
Chavette - oi goffik ya sweaty twat ma bruvva's gonna kick ya head in ya get me.

Goth - That's if he's not still grounded lol

Chavette - oi oi don't ya dis ma bruvva ya mosha scum, Ya mumma stinks

Goth - your broher is not here lol, but my mates are... (10 goths walk over towards chavette)

Chavette - please don't hurt me yo, respect ma and i'll respect ya

Goth - goths creep closer

Chavette - (begins to cry), I want ma mumma yo, and runs off.
by NoHope December 27, 2006
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baby chavs the next wave of chavs
nice chavletts
arrrggghhh the next wave is upon us
by daemon March 15, 2005
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A Chavette is a female chav the british version of prep.
Chavettes are them girls you see wearing them jeans with them playboy logos on it, some wear trackys others wear as little clothing as possible, Some even go & get a fake tan when infact it makes them look even worse & they all use alot of make up but i mean alot a hole f*cking mask full so they can hide there spots/zits & they just think it looks good & many of them wear such makes of shoes such as NIKE they think its so good just cause its made by child labor (mi shoes r hand made bi sum poor lil slave kid day is worth alot moree dan urs init)...
You'll find that many of these slappers use such sites like bebo to show off there half naked photos therefore other guys can comment there photos saying how sexy they think they are,
Chavettes love the attention.
They come in age from 11 to upwords the very young ones are more likely to lie about bein 16 or 18 & there more likely to have a slag for a mother who sucks c*ck for council & the hole family itself happens to be a dirty interbreed one.
A Chavettes idol are such people like paris hilton & Kate Price (jordan) & so on..
Most Chavettes get pregnant at very young ages such as 12 & onwords but i think you all get it already a Chavette is very stupid just like there fellow chavs then again some of them didnt mean to get pregnant cause it just happend from that one night stand so in that case its too late!.
Other ways Chavettes get pregnant is that they get spiked at raves there for they get raped & dumped lying in the streets some where like the dirty whores they are.
A Chavette has no idea how to bring up a kid they let there baby hear such nasty swear words so young..
They listen to such music as r&b, techno, dance, well did i say music? my mistake i mean noise! cause thats all it is.
Just like there fellow chavs they lable anyone whos wearing black a goth but like i sed befor Chavettes are stupid.
They drink alot of alcohol mostly (cider) swear alot attention seek alot brag alot & & smoke alot.

(Chavette) hi y u is dress lik tht? u look lik a freak
(goth girl) Learn to speek some proper fucking english
(Chavette) Fuk u!!!
Just as Chavette was about to jump goth girl with her crew goth girls gang popped out of no where! in 100s!
(Goth girl) your dead meat little chav Mwhahahahaaha!!
(Chavette) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by maria_la_Punk May 30, 2008
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