The female Chav will, by the time she is nine years of age have realised what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Which is, to have at least four children by four different fathers (one who will be black or Asian) by the time she is 18. She does not intend to support these children herself or ask for the fathers of the children for support but instead rely on government hand outs. A Chavette will tattoo the names of her children on her body with pride of place going to her first born. This will be written across her back just above her arse. The following names of her offspring will be recorded on her arms and will consist of names like Britney, Chelsea and other such shit.
The Chavette will no doubt have her ears pierced as many times as humanly possible and her lobes crammed to capacity with large hoop earrings. Around her neck will at least 6 or 7 gold chains of different lengths with a large clown studded with semi precious hanging on the longest one reaching down to her naval.

Diet for herself and her children consists of sausage rolls, Greggs pasties, cigarettes, coke and cheep cider.
Her Children will by the time of their forth birthday will fully versed in every expletive and curse known in the English language and will indeed be asked to recite some colourful quips to the delight of its mothers peers i.e. pusher, pimp, fellow drug user.

The chavette will be a grandmother by the time she is in her mid twenties and the wonderful Chav life cycle will start all over again.
Dont hang your washing on the line that fucking robbing Chavette bitch is on the prowl.
by Subbaka October 12, 2006
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Massive crappy gold hoop earrings
Genereally all wear the same thing just in varying colours.
Some even have kids by the age of 14
Have no concept of any kind of decent music or TV
The most important things in their trivial world are usually hair straighteners, make-up and clothes
They're only comeback in any situation is to say "I'm guna set insert name here on you, she'll beat you up mate!"
They speak like retards
They also type like retards e.g. "Wut Arr Yuuh Doiin TuMoro? Lets Go Tuu McDonalds!"
They think they're all crazy individuals when they're just a bunch of sheep.
They're so fucking stupid it's unbelieveable
Many adults have the misconception that all teenage girls are chavettes. We're not.
by Shamrawk December 30, 2007
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chavettes wear too much jewelry and it quite often isnt real.they wear tracksuits in bright colours and when they dress up it looks worse.they are either really skinny or really fat.they wear way too much foundation and make up.tidemarks/tidelines are usual they seem uneducated and cant spell.wear caps at fucktardedangles.they always wear shitty trainers/flipflops/sandals(used to wear rockports and timberlands) often seen with overhang/hangovers(not the alcohol related one)fair point they babies are not always theirs but like the jewelry,quite often are also common is lots of piercings on the outer part of the ear navel peircings and nose (only on the sides)thick as plasticine
here is an entry that has been corrected (in brackets)
a chavette is a female chav (a)nd not al(l) chavettes are thick(smart) (be)cause i am a chavette and i am quite smart (thick), chavettes dont waer (wear)fake jew(e)lry its all real and most of the baby(ie)s they are seen to cart around ar(e)nt usually theirs ne(any) way. Their languadge(language) is jus(t) shortened words(sounds/nonsense)
by Alysee August 22, 2006
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See also sket, slut, skank, whore, slag, ho, hoe, prossie
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The chavette is a female chav, they are very promiscuous often seen hanging around in groups of up to 10 in the local park or near the off license or bus shelter, sporting a very short skirt and a low cut top with some fake logo that ever so slightly resembles that of a more well known one and sometimes a fake logo baseball cap and some plastic gold "bling", trying to attract "fit bois" and acquire the ultimate chavette fashion accessory, a baby, or "babby". A Chavette's lifestyle choices often include (childcare permitting) a college course in hairdressing, beauty therapy, or although very rare, a music course where they can "lay some shit down" in other words talk very fast into a mic. Chavettes also hate moshers, rockers, punks and anyone who is not a chav or townie. Chavette music choices often include rave, dance, house, rap, hip hop, r&b ect.
Chavette - oi goffik ya sweaty twat ma bruvva's gonna kick ya head in ya get me.

Goth - That's if he's not still grounded lol

Chavette - oi oi don't ya dis ma bruvva ya mosha scum, Ya mumma stinks

Goth - your broher is not here lol, but my mates are... (10 goths walk over towards chavette)

Chavette - please don't hurt me yo, respect ma and i'll respect ya

Goth - goths creep closer

Chavette - (begins to cry), I want ma mumma yo, and runs off.
by Delirious llama January 03, 2007
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A chavette is the most common clique there is.They can usually be found in big groups.They are very shallow and air headed.They are scared of everything that is different and anyone that confronts them automatically becomes a goth or emo.Or as chavettes call them gofs.
They normally wear gold earings,extremely short skirts,crop tops,there hair plastered to the side of there face(with gel),loads of lip gloss.And chavs (the boy version) wear track suits.
Chavette:Oi u gof *looks at girl* wat did u say bout me yesturday?U tryin to slag me off or somethin?

Girl:Umm...exscuse me.Who are you?
by lizzie.g February 12, 2008
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chavette's are the female vesion of a chav. they are simple to spot,you will probably hear them before you see them.
they are normally 14 year old girls, often from council estates, hanging around outside macdonalds. they wear designer, or knock off designer clothing, track suit bottoms, mini skirts, so much jewlery its amazing they can even lift the middle finger they frequently air to passers by. hoop earrings so big you can put a parrot on it and a 'croydon facelift'; hair so tightly pulled back their eyebrows *whats left after excessive plucking* reach their hairline.
they will have a pram, possibly not their own child as it is a fashionable acsessory to have, little brothers/sisters/cousins etc will suffice until they can have their own, usually through a drunken fumble with another chav
chav girl 1: darren done got me up the duff innit? he sez he aint gunna stick by it and i'm all like, pssh, forget you man, i aint needing no man to brin' up dis kid you get me?
chav girl2: yeah yeah, fo sho innit? he aint no ting anyway innit?

( innocent passer by looks in bewilderment at the wild screeching coming from outside macdonalds)
chavettes: what you lookin' at? you got a problem wiv me is it? com on den, you fink you alla dat, innit?

by goth_bunny May 17, 2007
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