a large number of chavs (see also kevs, townies, scallys) approaching at speed.
"oh my god, look out for that chavalanche"
by Dani_star August 11, 2005
Top Definition
Noun. An oncoming tide of Burberry Clad madness.
"Quick ma' there a chavalanche on yonder horizon!"
by Dusty F K October 18, 2004
The immediate period after Townie pubs and clubs kick out at the Weekend when hundreds of chavs fall out of the establishment to fight, copulate and inbreed.
Police officer 1: Well Lenny I think we're going to have a right chavalanche on our hands tonight when Evolution kicks out!

Police officer 2: Lets hope so Dave I cant wait to take out a few of those grubby little Pikey Fuckers.
by Mombola August 23, 2005
A large group of chavs and chavettes walking down the street or hanging around on a street corner, smoking and sometimes drunk. Like an avalanche, you may get swallowed up bt the crowd, and possibly killed by the cloud of smoke and cheap perfume that lingers! It is recomended to stay away if at all possible!
'look out mate'
'that, quick run!'
'help us...chav-alanche!!'
by **fairy** February 18, 2006
asin an avalanche of Chavs
AKA when all the chavs (otherwise known as scum) come swarming out of the trees and dark corners when a fight kiks off, carrying their little knifes which retract inwards when they attempt to stab someone but fail becuse they arnt strong enugh to lift the knife. they then usualy run away to carry on with their Insest.
(the scene)
About 3 am at the park. fool of pissed chavs
(the police arive)
by Piroboy August 06, 2006
A group of chavs. (otherwise known as pikeys, townies, scums of the earth etc.) Often a group that is following a regular person, nerd, emo or even lesser chav in order to inflict physical pain upon that person.

Can also be used when walking towards a group of chavs.
Ben: Uh-oh! Chavalanche!

Peri: We were totally bunned by a chavalanche last week.
by Chriso2989 November 15, 2006
Dat mob of chavs that come towards you
A group of thugs or chavs- often running at a high speed
Dat manky club-it's a chavalanche in there!
Teen mo fos are coming, run for da lives it's a chavalanche!
by User_87 December 14, 2014
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