Summat that all you dirty little greebos wannabe but are too afraid to because you cant wear t-shirts from the years of cutting your arms up looking for attention.
basically the normal working class english man.
i love all chavs. fuck dirty stinkin greebos!
by Bradleyboi October 09, 2007
Another lame word you'll only hear white people use, never will you find a cool urban person using this crappy language.
Rightous, tubulor, stoked, pothead, dude, awesome, neat, cool beans etc
by ohno May 03, 2005
A person who is chavvy
Josie Smith is a chav
by Hhf July 21, 2015
A word used for kids running around the block that have ill manors and are violant.
Chav that means, council housed and voilant
by Big dragon January 21, 2015
a UK term similar to "White Trash" in the US describing an increasingly large segment of society.Used initially to describe poor people on benefits/welfare trying to "fake" affluence in a vulgar and tacky way, it has evolved to describe all such people independent of income level.
you are a chav if;
- you adopt fashion whether or not it suits you or is appropriate
- you wear too much make up usually trying but failing to hide bad skin
- you have a tramp stamp,are vagazzeled Or have lips injected so you look like a trout
- you wear lots of often orange make up frequently to try and cover up bad skin
-you drive a BMW or Range Rover that you can barely afford,lease and are typically one late payment away from

- You talk about "fine dining" and consider a holiday destination More than 3 hours away "exotic"
- you think fake tans,new tits and logos will make you feel better about yourself.
- your clothes are a couple of sizes too small but your handbag is much too large and with an even bigger logo.
-you think WAGs and Reality TV people are stars
by Notkimk December 02, 2014
A member of the 'ghetto' world and an outcast of our civil society. You can usually spot a chav by some noticeable features/characteristics e.g pulled-down trousers, communicating in a completely different language from the Queen's English or rolling their sleeves up to their shoulders
Jeremy Kyle is a famous chav-batterer
by Killjoy487 October 17, 2014

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