Chavs are literally the number 1 group of people on the entire planet! Wear the best clothes liekk burberry +& shop in JD cuz it is cool. Get out +& about unlike some people (emos) who just stay inside +& slit their wrists. Livin in council estates wer all their friends are so we are never lonely. Hate all emos greebos moshers cuz they is attention seekin twats. Lads are all fit +& so are girls +& chav babies are the cutiest. Smokers +& proud. Liekk 2pac +& akon +& stuff liekk dat cus it is brappin beat. Hav own language cuz we iz deserv 1. Say fings liekk 'braap' 'innit' 'safe' +& shit liekk that.
Chav1: U got any fags bredrin??
Chav2: No go ask dat mosher ovah derr
Chav1: Iz u mental??? I iz no talkin wiv a sweathed
Chav2: Yerr ur rite. Lets go kik is ed in
Chav1: yerr we will win cuz we iz chavs innit bredrin
by chav for life liekk March 28, 2008
A male British person of (generally) low socio-economic status with a characteristic clothing style, dialect, and mode of consumer activity.

A chav is generally cunning and resourceful and invokes fear amongst his more passive and uncreative contemporaries. The character the "artful dodger" from Dickens' "Oliver Twist" represents the archetypal chav: poor and lacking in ambition, but clever, witty, and fond of creative-poetic language. The authentic "cockney", long since vanished from London, might also be considered a type of proto-chav.

The term "chav" is almost exclusively used in a derogatory sense by out-group persons, most commonly lower or middle-class British persons actively seeking to establish a more prestigious socio-economic status and the corresponding identity.

The term - and the emotional and negative connotations associated therewith - (see the vast majority of the other definitions above) can be considered the latest manifestation of the typically rigid British conception of class-consciousness.
Setting: public space in any English city. Two pedestrians are approached by a young person dressed in a track suit and a "Burberry" hat.

"Oi, gimme a fag, geezer"


"a fuckin' cig, mosha"

"Oh, sorry, I don't smoke"

"'id I say you should talk? Shut the fuck up and get out outta my sight"

Two pedestrians continue on their way. The first, non-smoking pedestrian, seeks to counter his humiliation by addressing the second pedestrian:

"Fuckin' chav."

(nervous laughter)
by Dik van Dyke April 06, 2007
A person who isnt black that tries to be black.

*You will find chavs in most London secondary schools.

*Chavs are mostly girls, whereas there are very few chav boys.
Using Jamaican words (e.g: bludclart, rassclart, wagwaan) and also trying to kiss their teeth.

Trying hairstyles particularly suited to afro (e.g: using a slick-brush *a hair flattening brush, trying to make the hair look like afro by curling the ends of the hair and doing a high ponytail, making curls with the short hair near the fore head and flattening and curling with gel and sticking to the skin.

NOTE: A black or black-mixed person cannot be a chav.
by Alison Hawkins March 27, 2008
What neo-snobs call people they find all too unfashionable, especially the unfashionably poor.
Bah, I'm a neo-snob. Down with chavs. And for those who still aren't quite sure what a chav is, you'll know it when you see it.
by PrinceAeneas October 20, 2007
"So what i listen to rap music, wear tracksuits and have relatively white trainers, I like to hang about with my m8s (in big groups). But you cants say all "chavs" do crime and stuff like that all my m8s are chavs and chavettes"

from the words of bulletboy, the chavette of mmc :D
look theres a bunch of chavs on minimotos, ruuuuuuuun!
by killachav December 30, 2005
1. An incredibly socially smooth persona.A cool person of class that has the freshest shit in any genre of style or people even if he/she had no contact with the prior. Usually a Chav is underground, urban and everything that doesn't directly involve him/her with glamourous or popular money culture as the mainstay of his/her existence ( unless he/she chooses to at any given moment.

2. To be Chav: to be smooth. To rule some genre of entity without having to big themselves up.
1.Dat man be Chav, star...don' worry bout' them dumb comps cuz he smooth talkin'

2. yo' dat was chav son.
by Johnson and my Johnson July 10, 2008
Myth. An image created by the media, regarding teenagers who hang around in big groups as trouble making scum bags. Although some of these so called chavs may be trouble makers, this is not the case for many. 'Chavs' are normally found around parks, dressed in named clothes such as adidas, Nike, Reebok, Burberry, Gucci, etc.
It is also a myth that they have low eduaction. This assumption is a stereotypical view of people from council estates expressed via the mass media. Chavs originate from London
Vicky pollard, Victoria Beckham, Jade Goody are some examples of so called chavs
by backin it wiv da truth December 23, 2005

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