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racist name for mexicans fresh from mexico. originating from the fact that many mexicans have the last name "Chavez"
"Yula and I were being swamped by the Chavz at the bus stop again"
by Avgustine March 24, 2010
A chav is someone that looks expensive,
They hate moshers and goths, this is because they are at opposite ends of the scale. Chavs are well dressed and like to show themselves off, a mosher or goth is someone that dresses in black and is covered in grease, they try to sink into the background.
Chavs hang about anywhere that they can get served for booze or fags or just anywhere that they will have a good laugh!
Why do people have a problem with them?
Chavs have great taste in music and listen to hardcore, uprisin' and TFI
An example is anyone from liverpool! because thy're mint!
And they are chavs.
by dannylad May 24, 2006
chavs are like me. wear lacoste trackies, go t.w.o.c.ing cars (taken without owners consent) and take all sorts of drugs. coke, tablets, lsd, weed, skunk, get bladdered on a friday and saturday night and out looking for a fight every fuckin night. so fuck all u little muppets hu fink chavs r thick coz we'll smash ur fuckin faces in u fuckin gimps
it hasn't got a fuckin smack head innit and it doesn't say fucking chavs.
by dom fowler October 31, 2005
chavs r wicked they have a chush dress code they r mad init n no how 2 hav a laugh. they all speck ther mind n art scared 2 fight wit any1 they hav all da bk up dey need n wil alwayz bk up other chavs n chavettes init big up all chavs init safe yall.
chavs r cush big up yall
by rose-ann February 09, 2006
A word used by snobs of the middle to upper-class to look down their noses at people raised in different culture than they were. They like to pretend the term is demeaning only to said "chav's" behavior and define the word as being specific to anyone who fits certain stereotypes of lower-class people. This way they don't have to admit what the word really is, blatant classism.
Snob: "Let's go, I don't want to hang around all these stupid chavs."

Poor person: "Thanks for leaving, because we don't want a spoiled, arrogant arsehole here."
by Word_Bank July 10, 2008
a slang english word having to do with a person that wears brand name clothing or anything having to do with jewlery anything gangster, or cool

chav, chavvy, chava, charva
girl 1: i just got a new outfit from
girl 2: that is sooo chav!!!
by abby namreb January 04, 2009
Pejorative term, typically employed by timid middle-class teens to describe their poorer, more aggressive working-class brethren.

Its use often reflects both a fear of its target and a deeply unpleasant sense of social superiority. Parallel fears of relative poverty can be found throughout history, from worries about Victorian street urchins to contempt for medieval peasants.

Its users arguably deserve every bit of grief they get from those they describe as such.
"We'd better go round the other way - there's a load of chavs stood outside the offie."
by zebedee_06 November 06, 2006