Faggots who act tight continually wear tracksuits, trainers, fake gold jewellery, caps(burberry normally) wear like a billion rings.. have pony tails on top of their heads.. listen to crap music mainly RAVE or RnB or watever have no self respect, are always fighting, complete THUGS, they steal and their idea of a good night is sitting in the park raving
the bit out with their cheap cider
Ha look at that big chav ..stealing their fake gold jewellery from Argos
by IHATECHAVS94 December 20, 2009
chavs are mindless bitches that dont have the knoledge to speak properly
for example "wat up bruv ows it anging init" "cool blad but some grungies dont even know illav em"
weird chav
by ugy August 01, 2009
A person/group of people who go around thinking they are better than everyone else. They copy everyone else as they have no imagination of their own. With things such as music and clothing style. They tend to do nothing with their lives and spend their lives getting moved on by the police from certain places and drinking cheap alcahol.
"Hey guys, this is my new friend!"

*The group start to murmer to themselves*

"Wow thats great..."

*Group murmer to themselves again*

"oh.my.god shes a chav "
by bubblez119944 February 24, 2009
U just got merked blad. Yeah sick mate. Put a donk on it! Omg wtf you chav
by Zaelixia January 31, 2009
Ages can range from a minimum of 12 reaching the maximum of 30 and possibly above.Locations can range from parks to council houses to town flats.Rarely seen on there own,usually in packs as you will find they are quite useless on their own.They are unable to comply with the law and are pronouned for their bad attitudes in society.Very hard to reason with even worse to understand.Incapable of thinking for themselves,hense their codes of dress,they have to look like clones of each other.They enjoy activities such as creating spawn to carry on their cult.They are extreamly vile-mouthed that always have something petty to say also they are very argumentative.They interrigate other people and make a society look deprived.
Chav 1-"u owt 2nyt brav"
Chav 2-"yeh mayte nt got mch cash dole cme in layt"
Chav 1-"sme blad bad dat init"
Chav 2-"yh blad"
by Kirrky November 20, 2008
An english derived term for a common type of British citizens. They can be of any age (usually 12 through to 80), and they all smoke, do drugs and binge drink.
Female and male chavs are both quite similar, as their dressing style (tracksuit) is the same, and both genders do not work.
Below is a typical example of a conversation between two chavs.
A: Ayup, why you lose so much fat, like?
B: I just popped out another one.
A: Whos da dad?
B: Dunno.
A: OMG dat's like sooo gangsta. :L
B: Yeah man. We so gangsta.
A: So why dey call us chavs?
by Alice-Jane August 22, 2008
A young white homosexual whose diet consists solely of partially digested corn and peanuts picked from feces, washed down with post-asparagus consumption urine.
"Hi, I be a chav!"
by Chava Chav July 16, 2008

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