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Verb: To steal something.
Noun: Someone who thinks they're "well'ard" wears a baseball cap pointing straight up, sometimes (fake) Burberry, wears tracksuits tucked into their socks
I chavved your pen
That guy is such a chav
You fucking chav
by ..Mr T... June 02, 2007
a complete twat
plural : chavs
female : chavette
just go to hethersett and ull see plenty of chavs
by green1992 April 07, 2007
Also referred to as "charvers" and "wankers", chavs make no decisions as lone people. They only work in packs of "chav-tastic herds". They first developed as a species around three years ago, and since have reproduced ferociously to become the most common form of human scum in the UK. To witness the shocking effects of this wave of filth, go to any town centre, street or bus shelter between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. After 9pm, the streets become safe again as the chavs are called in by their parents to go to bed. "Rock hard chavs", indeed. Chavs are distinguished by the brands Fred Perry, Burberry and especially Berghaus. Beware! Chavs think that these brands are awesome and that trousers are meant to be tucked into their socks. If a fight with a chav seems likely, do not worry. There need to be about 20 chavs to equal man without sight, hearing and arms. It's also worth noting that if your reply to "I'll fucking spark you out, you queer goth cunt" is "OK then.", they will likely run away. Their best-known hobbies are smoking, drinking (Lambrini) and shouting attempted insults at random strangers whom they could not actually hurt if the stranger stood still and the chav had a chainsaw. So, bravo chavs. You are now OFFICIALLY the scum of the world.
The cow says "Moo"
The chav says "I'll fucking spark you out, you fucking hypocrite!"
by matt228 March 02, 2007
Immigrant to the United Kingdom from Chavonia. Due to the usual socio-political factors that determine one's class/employment/housing/education etc etc, Chavs tend to be at the lowest level in these areas and are therefore victimised in the media and by those who need someone to look down on. Interestingly, to cover up the obvious bigotry of Chav-hating the country of Chavonia has been removed from the world map and people now pretend that it doesn't exist and that the Chav is merely a British person who affects the demeanour of someone born into an underclass, and could therefore speak like a middle-class person, get a job in graphic-design and join the local golf club, should he or she so desire. The commonly held belief that Chavs are naturally violent is something of a misconception - it's true that they sometimes give goffs/moshers/emos and other fashion victims a bit of a kicking but usually they perform this service quite reluctantly for up to ten or fifteen pounds.
He's a chav you say? That tells me very little about him, but quite a lot about you.
by cactuscat September 14, 2006
There are people in the world who think that the label "Chav" is classist, and refers to those who are working class. However, once and for all, it does not. "Chav" in fact refers to those who have absolutely no respect for anything at all, though in fact demand to be respected all the same. They can be found spitting on the streets; they can be found sitting in bus shelters cadging a smoke off other people; they can be found in courtrooms everywhere for street crimes. They will happily attack anyone who so much as looks at them (Ex. 1), all the while hurling abuse at people who are differently dressed/significantly older/significantly younger/in a smaller group. They somehow eke amusement out of destroying that which has been created by others, including bus shelters and spraying graffiti over fresh paint. They refuse to accept any responsibility for anything, ever, and if they find themselves in a tight spot in life, it is always someone else's fault. (Ex. 2.) They also have a tendency to sponge off the state. For example, somewhere in not-so-Great Britain there is a family who have literally 12 children. Nobody in the family works, and because of the system the children allow the parents to claim £44,000 a year in benefits. That's close to £4000 a month (I myself work, and earn around £600), and the parents then go on to claim that they can't stop having kids "because they cannot afford condoms". They receive £4K a month and they can't spare a tenner for some johnnies?

All in all, chavs are indeed the scourge of Britain and I would urge the politicians of Britain to realise that hoodies don't need a hug, they need a lengthy prison sentence and good rehabilitation to make sure they don't reoffend.

And a swift kick up the arse wouldn't go amiss either.

Person: <glances up at chav so that he or she may avoid walking into them.>
Chav: Wot u lookin at m8? <Attacks person>


Far be it from me to talk about myself while defining something, but I once had a conversation with a chav who said that she failed in school because she talked in class, and she said that it was her teacher's fault for not being able to shut her up.
by Anti-Chav Man July 16, 2006
English word, taking england by storm as more and more common women fall intot he 'chav' category. A chav is a person with the following features:
-Bleached hair
-fake burberry/louis vuitton/ any designer at all that they can pick up at the market.
-usually pregnant before they reach their twentys
-usually smoker
"Omigod....look at that chav." (points to woman with all of the above. lol.) Britney is an american chav.
by ellz bellz jellz May 10, 2006
chav = a complete dick head who can only look hard by beating other people up. chavs are the scum of the earth, and all the chav girls are complete ugly mingers.

i think any one in their right mind will agree
look at the CHAV trying to be so solid in his burberry
by bobby_17 February 09, 2006