in old terms a 'yob' or a 'thug'. a perosn with no educational backroundround whatsoever. and who play music on the bus really louldy.
lifespan of a chav:
mugging people from the age of seven
first fag ten
first ever asbo twelve
first ever child thirteen upwards

chavs love to over populate the world even more by breeding from the age of thirteen
a chav is someone who does not have good taste in music and only likes bass line remixs and would not be able to give an example of a good song if their life depended on it
by loveemostheyrenicepeople January 18, 2010
Chav's - girls or boys can be chav's, boys usually wear or can be spotted by wearing track suit bottoms really baggy, baseball cap or hoodies! They think they are the best, like gods gift and prance around thinking every girl likes them and always uses the words "boom,weng,man"

How to spot a girl chav or chavette: they have either blonde or black hair, false nails that are melted onto there real nails,clumpy mascara, spider lashes, track suit bottoms with a brand name on them e.g adidas/nike,pastey foundation,glossy lips and really tight hairsrayed hair! Uses obnoxious words such as cunt,wanker,bastard,fiesty etc

Chav's also think they are the best,they bully people if they think there better than them!
They don't like people sticking up for themselves or argueing back!

All chav's think there in girls cases prettier and more safisticated than other girls and in the boys cases they think they are way better looking than fellow boys!
by peachy pip September 18, 2009
white peeple in England who wear cheap sprt kit all da tym lives in a council flat has 400 babies and smokes and drinks woteva dere age
Person 1: excuse u r sitting on mi wall
chav 1: Oi !! wot did u fink ya doin? u knt shaat @ me?? kum ere paedo im gona get ma bro on u.....etc
by saaniyan July 17, 2009
Chav (lazyus scumbagius).

.outside the local spar
.street corners

.council estates
.mc donalds, burger king etc.

.hair cut short with highlights in (innit)
.fake bling, chains with dollar signs on etc.
.burberry, adidas or nike tracksuit

.baseball cap at a ninety degree angle
.cheap polo shirt with the collar sticking up
.anything fred perry
.any sort of knackered white trainer

.hair in a ponytail with a fluorescent hair band (scrunchie)
.puffa jacket and tracksuit bottoms or a velour tracksuit
.fluorecent pop socks with the the tracksuit bottoms tucked into them
.reebok trainers

.standing on street corners shouting abuse at anyone
.vandalising local parks
.in mc donalds eating their manky fast food really messily
.riding a ridiculously small mini motor bike around the local park.
.drinking cheap cider or alcopops in local parks or anywhere thats got a bench because their legs get very tired you know (and also they like to rip the bench out of the ground for a laff)

the common garden chav is unable to speak properly so it uses dumbed down versions of correct english, here is a list of the words they mostly use:
.class (probably the only real word they can say)
(scientists have been trying to work this language out for twenty years and they still haven't figured it out)

.gangsta rap
.hip hop
(as you can see it's a BIG variety)

by the way i'm 12 and this is my first time writing in.
typical chav conversation

PAIGE: yo chaz lwk wot i nicked from da dentis *<pulls a ok magazine from last year out of her tracksuit bottoms>*
CHAZ:cor wowza it got dem pics' of Jordan an Peta innit an look wot keri katonas bin doin.
GAZ: hey Paige I shagged ur mam las nigt.

All: teehee teehee
by INDIE FTW June 28, 2009
An unfortunate sub-human diagnosed with Chav, (Chronic Humanoid Attitude Virus). Normally very annoyed with everything and monosyllabic, because of unexplainable brain shrinking.
"Your mum's a Chav"
by Big Hobo January 25, 2009
C= Council-
H= House
A= Agressive &
V= Violent...
Chav... that sums it urp ^^^^^
by young_love January 19, 2009
Someone who doesn't have an imagination of their own and because of this, copies everyone else's style. Usually goes out on a "sesh" at weekends and gets pissed out of their head. They themselves believe that they aren't chavs.
Normal person: Omg, why do you have to go out on a sesh every weekend, your such a chav!

by duuuuude24 January 11, 2009

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