trampy little fucks. they are little morons who think that just cos they have a few hard mates they are the bee's knee's personaly i want to organise 'chav hunting' wouldnt that be a bloody good sport ? jus get a few horses sum mates and a pack of dogs then chase em and laugh with glee as your dogs rip them appart. now that would be a bloody good sport !.

the chavetts are just poor hoes who think that by getting pregannt that are kool. well lets all laugh at them cos they are poor nd fuckin useless !
strawberry hill in london - it was a nice area but theres one road with pikey houses in it. not you see about 1000 lil turds roaming up nd down the street with their crappy lil peds thinking they are hard. im quite tempted to start a game outa my window called 'see who can hit the passing ped with a brick' a hit gets you 10 points.
by ross June 24, 2004
a group of people, usually consisting of 30 or more (for their own protection from greebs of course) who wear burberry and cheap plastic jewlerry(aka bling) who tend to spend their time taking the piss out of greebs and goths etc(basically anyone who isnt a chav) however, on a friday night they manage to twar themselves away from this joy to go 'up lye' for ' a curry and a fight' as well as getting ratted whenever possible. also known for smoking from an early age and getting pregnant at 6
chav: heygreb, you strtin innit wanna fight me and meh homies innit look at ma bling
greeb: get a life
chav: i got one im off up the lye for a curry and a fight wit ma mates
greeb: wow i wish i had such a good life as you obviously do
chav: thats it ive had it wit you you greeb
greeb:ok then have fun with that :)
chav: oi homies this greeb dissin me innit
*greeb by this time is wetting him/herself laughing
by liz aka liz June 27, 2005
Chav- Council house, alcoholic violence
Such a definition can already give you a pretty good idea as to what sort of human scum we are dealing with when we are discussing Britain's new social working class.
A race of cowardly, ignorant and, above all, stupid people that believe drinking £1 (or cheaper) cider in a bus stop or such venue is a night out "wiv da lads". When approached by one chav, he will often mumble and look down, but approach the very same chav later with his "crew", he will attempt to look "propa hard" by starting a fight (often failing miserably). When threatened, he will not hesitate to call his "crew" into action and they will (somehow) devise a plan to take you to the floor and just kick you til you pass out.
Chavs tend to mock those who are different to them, coming up with various witty names such as "gribly", "mosha" or "goff". Such simple vocabulary, often grunted in an exaggerated deep voice by chavs and in a shrill scream by the chavette, the female equivalent, other favourite words and phrases include "mint", "sound", "mush" (some sort of word they use for each other) and "safe". The fact that nearly all chav words are monosyllabic is no coincidence, as this language is linked not only to their intelligence (or rather lack of), but their feeble attempts to seem intimidating.
Many chavs will point out a person who dresses or appears different to them, much like a dog will bark at or curiously sniff someone or something that is different to them (coincidence, I think not!)
Chav 1: Ova ther mate, fuckin' goff
Chav 2: Smelly goff... needs a batt'rin'
Chav 3: OII!!!! GOFF!!
Such is the feeble existence of the chav, that they feel the need to taunt those who are either alone or different. Much like a pack of wolves will taunt and kill a lonely deer... as you may be able to tell, chavs are fairly primitive and unsophisticated creatures that follow simple animal instincts to something unusual or even frightening.
by Anonona July 10, 2005
British version of wigger.
chavs...wiggers...what's the difference? there both idiots.
by Bobby De Niro May 26, 2005
Bunch of dickhead if you ask me.
Those Chavs think they're hard, but little that they know is that the force of a haymaker at their face from anyone would not only be beyond smashed that even their wonky, shitty teeth be swallowed, but also their low chav brand brain (which cost 1p in most known store) would be splattered inside their head.
by Shin-fucking-Ryu February 04, 2005
As virilent as bubonic plague and spreading like rats emerging from their lairs these undesirables are spawning a legion of illegitimate 'chavlets.'
Linger round Oldham Street & Piccadilly Gardens in Manchista and watch the 'chavometer' peak!
Low chav index before midday tho' as they're still in their pits!
Baying and snarling like a pack of jackals round a wounded prey,basball caps cocked at an angle they take everything out of the system but put tap-all back!
Render the bastards down!
Chavs ferried in at one end -melted tacky jewellry and Rockport residue exuding out of the other!!
Only Argos Jewellry counters and Cash Generators would miss them.

'Garot a chav today !
Keep the detritus at bay !!''
''I'm innocent !
I've dun nuffin Mr.Dibble !
I woz dumpin me load into one ov me bitches at that time.
Honest mate.
She'd bunked off skool.''
by Bod June 07, 2004
A young adult aged 12-17 wearing and cap,a hoodie with hood up even though its broad daylight and he already has a cap on, adidas tracksuit trousers and has around 200 peices of jewlery from argos worth 5 pounds in total and thinks he is hard because he smokes, his pregnant girlfriend is only 13 and his cap has some lines called burberry but would run for his life if someone hit him because his fight scenario is "cmon then! (shove) cmon then! (shove) you startin!"
Crash course on how to speak chav
common catchphrases

cmon then!
you startin!
sort us a fag
by samdude 363 August 06, 2005

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