Chav can be a noun, verb or an adjective. As in “you shitty scum chav”, or “Hey I like the way you have chavved up ya car/wardrobe/lifestyle/language” etc.

The origins of the word itself are unclear and there are a few theories, perhaps all of them correct. Nonetheless, the current criteria for being a chav applies as laid out in this dictionary and no doubt, as culture dumbs-down even more, the definition will need to be updated. Chavs will no doubt eventually, despite their in-bred lack of intelligence, cotton-on to the fact that burberry and it’s current associations foster great hatred and negativity amongst the majority of the population. This factor however, could backfire, as Chavs could consider the perpetuation of hatred and negativity as a great contribution to humanity, even if it is directed towards themselves from others.

The most recent example of a celebrity Chav is Kenzie in Big Brother. (I can’t remember the name of the boy-band he is in – so uncool – but I know it had the word “Crew” or “Squad” whatever, in the name). In fact, Kenzie actually said “no” initially to being in the BB house, but when he thought long and hard about it, decided to say yes as the word “brother” as in, “bruv-va” or “bruv” for short, sounded cool and he thought it would really do wonders for his street-cred. Kenzie is actually white, but to see his clothes and hear him speak, you would think he is black.

Chavism represents a cultural link with the Trailer Park Trash in The States which is actually a sub-culture of black America. They both inspire each other. The lower the common denominator they appeal to, the cooler they are! Both of these cultural factions are represented by the highly evolved people picked to appear on the “Jerry Springer” show. Due to the speed of the transmission of information in modern times ex. Internet, TV etc, cultures very quickly pick up bits from other cultures, bounce off each other, and this happens at such a rate that no-one exactly knows who originated what. But as society has evolved, and that is the key word, “evolved”, chavism did not happen overnight but evolved as culture dumbed-down and it became clear that it was not “cool” to aspire to anything other than basic animal appetites (for junk food, sex, cheap bling etc). Perhaps devolved is a better word!

Jordan is the ultimate aspiration of female Chavs. She is actually much more stupid than the average Chavette which is why they (chavettes) admire her so much. She is actually now trying to pull herself out of the Chav-pit she has made for herself by writing a book about herself, no doubt mostly really ghost-written by someone else, paid for from the proceeds of all the modelling jobs she has done which evolve around her flubber-inflated chest (but isn’t she a great business woman- fuckin what?), and is trying to appear in “serious” programmes such as Book Award Ceremonies. Unfortunately, she is still seriously boring as she has neglected her mind in favour of her chest , hoping that the more silicone she has pumped into those tits, the more self-esteem and intelligenceshe will attain and therefore rather than work hard and learn, just go see the surgeon again. Easy!! Her tits have now become self-funding entities (get it?) in their own right.

So my good friends, that is my input.
Chavette 1 - I nikked dis 'ello mag from da doc''s got Jordan and Peter pics innnit!

Chavette 2 - wikked innit....didja get ya tablets sorted for dat smell cumming from ya minge?
by MissyM May 01, 2005
It's simple, when Neanderthals evolved these people quite obviously got left behind, it makes you feel sorry for them.....NOT!

If we had them all killed I expect that several make up shops, Argos and various tracksuit shops would become bankrupt as Chavs account for most of the sales of cheap awful jewellery that sends your neck/wrist/ear green. The upside is that cheap tracksuits would become less popular so shops would have to stock decent clothing that doesn't make you look like a blue tree trunk, YAY for that. As well the sales of foundation would fall and I wouldn't have to walk around town and see umpa lumpa's ever time I feel like going shopping.

A chav is a lot like a piece of litter, no-one wants it around but no-one wants to pick it up, simple. That leads to something else, the countries overall IQ would go up if all chav's moved to mars, because the average chav probably has -1 IQ so yay for intelligence.

I have to admit some do have souls, there are the select few that actually are nice to you IF THEY HAVE KNOWN YOU FOR AGES! otherwise they may be nice to you for various other reasons:
~They want to copy off your school work
~You have money, they don't
~They are alone, no crew members etc.
~They are working in McDonald's and so close to being fired from the only job they have
~You are giving them their benefits.

~Probably pregnant five times by the age of sixteen
~They are more orange than the orange that you peel and eat
~Wearing tracksuits that show what underwear they are wearing (cringe)
~Pushing a buggy/ have a bump or both
~Usually smoking even if they do have a bump.
~Hair scraped back so tight that it gives them an instant face lift.

~Somehow he is drinking or smoking (No idea where the money came from)
~Wearing the lamest trainers with white socks that encase the bottom of their tracksuit bottoms
~Have never heard of a job those who have probably were pushed into by their mothers.
~Skinhead or small spikes
~Wearing a burberry cap or something all the time.
~Always seem to have a mate called dave

We should do the country a favour, everyone unite even if you hate each other with a passion and go chav hunting, forget the foxes they have done nothing wrong, chavs have, I have the bruises to prove it...
Chav1: Ere, yu scratter, got a fiver.

Educated person1: What, how can you call me a scratter and no

Chav2: well you wear all that black

Educated person2: *Silent look of irritation*

Chav1: yu Startin mosha

Educated person1: I am not here for a fight, I only want to get something from the shop.

Educated person2: Just let us into the shop please

Chav1: ere Dave help me bash up these moshas.

Starts to shove first educated person and gets a punch in the nose for his troubles and starts to cry like a little girl.
by Darkindulgence July 08, 2009
chav. An acronum for ''COUNSIL HOUSING AND VIOLENCE'' They are often seen to be wearing a tracksuit (ironic because they never actually go anywhere near a track, field or gym) or hoodie with loose jeans and a flat cap. These ''people'' think that they are all more important than anybody else and they think they own the street. But everybody else sees them as self-absorbed cunts
two chav kids are sitting outside burger king,acting like they are the s**t. A man walks past.

Kid 1: oi mate, are you looking for some fucking trouble.
kid 2: A knife in your gut?
Man: (under his breath) fucking chavs
by oxenhart July 06, 2009
Complete wankshafts who think there hard and hunt in packs on emos when there on there own they shud all just drop dead!!! they also listen 2 wank music
chav1:luk lid an emo
chav2,3,4,5&6:lets get him
by emo666 July 03, 2009
A form of crotch rot or pubic lice.
Billy: "I got the chavs real bad, man."

Eric: "Just hit them with the shampoo."

Darren: "He's got a dose of the chavs."

Kevin: "Ooooh, he'll be itchy for weeks."

"Baby, I'm sorry, but I gave you chavs."
by OminousIncendia(ry) June 16, 2009
Stinked up freaks of nature that THINK there hard when they see a person with long hair or when there in group of 5 or more. they really need to start looking after there kids instead of getting battered all the time. lol at chavs
Chav: Brap Brap, wot you looking mate you bein cheeky?

Long haired man: Wot?! you Better shut that mouth before you get a slap you little tramp!

Chav: *while walking away* il get you battered mate *repeats many times*

*Chav leaves*

Long haired man:... wot a chav.
by fozzy bear May 13, 2009
Remember that dude/dudette standing on a street corner, with a bottle of Strongbow in one hand, a packet of Kingsize Lamburt and Butler in the other, weighed down with ridiculously oversized gold chains? He/She was stood there with their little Chavvy mates trying to look tough and terrorising old grandpeoples?

Rivals with Emo's, Moshers, Goths, etc.

Also, Queen of the Chavs is Kerry Katona.
I walked past the rejected member of society, otherwise known as the Chav.
by BoyObsessive=] May 06, 2009
A byword for someone who has a taste for a certain types of sports brand casual clothes such as nike, adidas, etc wear baseball caps, hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and tuck their trousers into their socks.

Stereotypically, they exhibit agressive behavior, drink white lightning, are oversexed, living in relative poverty in menial jobs and being a general nusance. However, this is a common misconception as you don't have to be working class or from a working class background to be a stereotype chav by a long stretch. You don't even have to throw burberry over yourself anymore either, just act like a moron and an obnoxious pain in the hole and that'll probably be enough (even if you still have to wait for your mum to pick you up).

Many pretentious, social commenting boregois Cretins who follow this stereotype love to wail at how "it reflects middle class snobbery".

Unfortuntately, these self-appointed commentators are hypocritically following exactly the same chav stereotype to the letter and are so short sighted, they fail to see what hypocritical, ignorant, talentless cunts they really are.
"You chav bastard! Go back to your white lightning outside Maccy D's!"

"But your such a snob you need to demonise the working class! You deserve any misery chavs throw at you!"

"Hello moron? You believe like said previous cretin that all working class follow the same pattern of mindless drunken talentless thuggery! What makes you different?"

..."I read the Times as well as the Daily Express..."
by blahblah119 March 27, 2009

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