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chav raped; This is when a bunch of the scum, as is known by anyone other than a chav. Try to start a fight on you in mass numbers, usually more than three, as they will not fight by themselves as they are cowardly. And decide to intimidate you by surrounding you. The raping part begins when they begin to start a fight with you to get what they want usually somethign they cannot afford or that is in close proximity. you get chav raped by a bunch of chavs when they start a fight.
chav raped;When a bunch of chavs come over to you and your friends in a park because you have a ball. You refuse to allow them to play as you feel they will probably run off with it. They decide to surround you and begin a fight because they can not afford a ball or because it is nearby, also because they are low lifes with nothing better to do.
by sirbobofbrum March 05, 2007
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