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An extremely disgusting male gendered human who would use a women as a sex tool.

A Chauvinist pig also thinks their gender is more superior than the other, usually a man who thinks he can do as he wishes to a women.

Chauvinist pigs are known to show risky behaviour like filming up girls skirts at the local mall, fake falling to grab a girls boob, asking for nudes on the internet and betting on wet tshirt contest's. Usually chauvinist pigs travel in heards or groups and can usually be found hanging out at the trashiest bars.

If you see a heard of chauvinist pigs approach with caution, they may just lure you in ;)
Q- "did you see that guy look up that girls dress?"
A- "yeah! what a chauvinist pig

Q- "will you please send me some nudes on Facebook?"
A- "Yea right you chauvinist pig!"

yea, that guy cheated on his girlfriend, what a chauvinist pig
by portyspice September 27, 2012
The boy who looks under a girl skirt, gets a hooker to satisfy his sick urges while his wife (who he is going to leave soon) is pregnant, the boy who dumps a girl if she refuses to let him slip a hand somewhere, dumps a girl AFTER she has sex with him, has HIGH standards, looks a girls as nothing but a sex tool, (at least the 'hot ones) and uses the c-word and pusssy almost 9304839028 times a minute
the chauvinist pig down the street went out with my friend, had sex with her, then dumped her and told her she was a bad lay and peice of sh*t, then spread rumors about her now she's my only friend. Sounds hot!
by Renaa August 15, 2006
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