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short form of chauner, used not to describe the penis, but a form of endearment to a fellow buddy.
hey Chaun whats up, did you get your chauner wet last night?
by Tip-toucher2310 May 07, 2009
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pronounced \Chaun\ like Sean

1. a gap (n.)
2. to open, or yawn (v.)
3. to wander through the streets in a drunken state partially clothed (v.)
4. A recovering homosexual, still prone to break out into song on the streets (n.)
Girl: Hey did you see your boyfriend last night?
Girl 2: Yeah, he totally chauned on us, i couldn't find him anywhere.
Boy: Wait Chaun used to be with me, he lent me this cellphone
Girl: What? What did you have to do for that cellphone?
Boy: I don't really remember it's a chaun in my memory.
by AAWHA May 04, 2009

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