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when two straight male friends are hanging out somewhere like a casual night. they are relatively comfortable with each other and start to talk about any thing. eventually they start to talk about their personal and sexual lives and might ask qusetions like; "what hand do you jerk off with?", "how many times a week do you jerk off?" most times the two people get so comfortable with each other the end of the conversation results in the two friends hooking-up or jerking off.
Chad and Steve were hanging out when their night turned into a chatter-fuck.
by anonymous4321e November 17, 2009

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A conversation you don't want to have on a topic you don't really like with someone you'd rather not discuss anything with.
Well, my day was going really well until I was over at the neighbor's house and had a little chatterfuck about thier dog shitting in our garden.
by Smokey the Poo Snatcher September 05, 2006