A pathetic attempt at looking cool and saving time. Useful for people who can't spare a third of a second, or morons who can't spell "Dude, got a quarter?" A disgrace to the english language and also almost every other language anyone ever came up with.
(h@t$I*3@k or chatspeak
by theystolemyidentity April 03, 2008
A person{s} attempt at looking cool, or to save time by shortening words. Chatspeak is also used by people that have no idea how to spell in an attempt to communicate on the internet. People who use chatspeak rarely capitalize or use a period, they are extremely annoying to people that know how to spell, and generally only make friends or have conversations with other people that use chatspeak.

See annoying, retarded, stupid, irritating.
Chatspeak example:
Two, to, too - 2
For, thereFORe - 4
You - u
Are - r
Boy - boi
Skater - sk8er
What - wot
The - da
by Kaidoe August 19, 2008
Something stupid that's VERY hard to read. And it's really annoying. I mean it's faster to type, "Are you going to the park?" rather than "r u gng 2 da prk 2dy?"
Most chatspeak can be put into categoreis. Let's use "Want to go to the movies with me?"

girly - wnt to go to daa moviiis 2niite?
Characteristics: uses 'i' alot and stretches it out. example: todaii, mii, okii. sometimes says "u wus" instead of "you were".
inverted: wAnT 2 gO 2 dA mOViEz 2NiTe?
I honestly don't see how tying like that is faster.
z's and numbers: wnt 2 go 2 daz moviz 2nitz?
says "z" alot and uses numbers to replace words.
chatspeak on MSN:
WuZZ upz ma homiii?
Shut up.
o CoM on!
u no dat chik i wuz telin u bot?

or random chatspeak like:
dhgsudkhldf dude? ROFL ROFL ROFLCOPTURRR! fjh 2nite gdjh go to the bnkj?
- g2g. <3!
by Roxiee May 16, 2008
Chat speak is a commonly used way of talking in chat rooms or on AIM. It includes Rofl (rolling on the floor laughing), Lol (laugh out loud), Lmao (laughing my ass off), and many others. Some people get this form of internet language confused with another. This one is called 1337 (leet). Chat speak can also be used as one sentence, such as Asl (age, sex, location.) Many people may use little or no punctuation and may not capitalize their words. They tend to spell words incorrectly and not bother changing them.
User 1: yea ten i was like ur a fat fase
User 2: ROFL oic idc how u did it im glad u beat him up he was lyk soooo annoying
User 3: idk he was lyk kinda cute rite i no im lyk omg im kra z chat speak is sooooo kool
User 2: gtg, brb somtime tat old mom wants me
User 3: bi!!!
User 1: dont forgit we cyber
by Leia Hall November 17, 2006
I coined the word chatspeak in a published article (Glendale News Press, CA) in October of 1998.

Originally chatspeak was the abbreviated language used in online chatrooms, and it has now evolved into the abbreviated language used in texting and tweeting.

Here is the beginning of the op-ed piece I wrote in 1998:


I was writing a memo at work the other day, and I wanted to make sure the recipient knew I was kidding. So I followed the sentence with lol.
And I froze.
omg, I thought.
That was the precise moment I realized how chatspeak was creeping into my every-day vocabulary.
And I wondered how long it would take this cybershorthand to sneak into everyone’s language.
Like like.
By my calculation, it took about 15 years for like to make it from Valspeak to the general population.
Er, …perhaps this would be a good place to stop and explain to the uninitiated.
Lol is short for laughing out loud; and omg is short for omigod, which is short for, like, Oh My God!
These terms have evolved during the past few years among those who visit chat rooms online. A form of shorthand is necessary because there's limited space and time to write your comments.
When I text or tweet, I use chatspeak.
by fuzzibear June 07, 2010
Chat speak is largely used on the internet, in text messages, in notes passed in class, and sometimes in spoken speech. In its most basic essence, chat speak is a thorough mutilation of the English language, created by teenagers who refuse to learn said language.

Beware of chat speak users. If a person is too lazy to learn the difference between "Let's eat, Grandma." and "lets eat grandma" they are probably too lazy to understand that it is wrong to actually eat one's grandmother.
Two examples of chat-speak are:

why cant we just all start singing the world would be so much funnier if people just started singing


Why can't we all just start singing? The world would be so much more entertaining if people just started singing.

& (used above)

lets eat grandma


Let's eat, Grandma.
by Misty Robinson November 09, 2010
Abbreviations and bastardizations of certain words, used mainly on Instant Messengers. It was developed to allow those people who can't type 1000 words per minute to wrote and send out their thoughts with reasonable speed.

Standards include: lol, brb, gf/bf, ily, lmao, rofl, cuz, wat, h8, ne1, etc.
Scenario without chatspeak:
Person 1: I hate you.
Pause while person types out follow-up.
Person 2: What?!?! I gave you my life! *picks up gun and shoots self*
Person 1: You didn't tell me you got a girlfriend!

Scenario with chatspeak:
Person 1: I h8 u
Pause too short to allow Person 2 to make any premature assumptions.
Person 1: u ddnt tel me you got a gf!
Person 2: oh, i was worried there for a min.
by bearimagines April 02, 2009
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