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Chatspeak is pretty much the Language of the Idiots. It is used by those too stupid/lazy to type properly.
This is an example of chatspeak: yo u wanna go 2 da mall 2dai
by *Vicky* February 21, 2006
71 16
Slang and misspelled words that are commonly used on IM.
lyke omgzz hai grrlfren!!!1!1!1one ohemgee lyke eye saw diz grrl upp 2 da m@ll n she wuz lyke omgzzz u suk n i wuz lyke waaaa!!! :'( Will g2g l8rr!!!1!!1 oxox
by *Rae June 24, 2005
62 10
"Chat Speak" is a form of speaking used by illiterate assholes. It was the fashion that most of the people who create definitions for this website use to type.
oh my god, y do u call me a n00b!!!11111!!!1!one!!11 *angr fce*
by Grapple 'n' Grapes August 10, 2005
95 45
Idiotic form of chat used by 12 year old AOL users. This form of chat comes with many random "omg" and "lol's". Usually the chatter is prepubescant.
Sk8kiddzrool: omg hai!111!
Ryan: Are you retarded?
Sk8kiddzrool: no u r u mofo, i no were u liv & will scrw ur mom lololololol!111!!1one!!
by phronemophobia April 14, 2005
65 17
Language used by clueless idiots who think that intentionally misspelling words is cool, and anyone who does not speak chatspeak is not trendy or cool.
Person: lyke, OMGZ!11111 i luvvvv ch4tsP34k!!1111
Me: Your an idiot.
Person: OMGZ!!1111, ur a looozerrrr!
by Cheyenne. Yup. June 10, 2005
80 34
From LOL (Laugh Out Loud) to BRB (Be Right Back),Internet chatrooms have a language all of their own.
Here are some of the more popular ones:
Logged On Dressed Like Sailor Moon

Christ,I'm Fat.

Did You Hear The News There Might Be Giants?

Pockmarked 46 year old in bathrobe

I Have Trouble With Basic Spelling And Punctuation

Just Ejactulated On My Keyboard

Not To Bring Up Star Wars Again,But...

Taking Off My Training Bra

Can I Lock You In My Basement Forever?

Hang On,Getting More Pringles

Weeping Silently To Self.
Sk8er-D00d: LODLSM
PunkChicka: XIF
by bandanasarerad November 12, 2006
70 28
Considered by many to be a disgrace to the English language yet by others, a convenient way of symplifying sentences. A method of shortening words devised by countless web- surfers. Chatspeak is a whole language in itself, and new terms are constantly being added to it. Often, symbols are used in chatspeak. (!@#$%^&*... etc.) Is proven to degrade a person's English use and be a complete waste of time.

SYNONYMS: MSN-speak/ AIM-speak/ Chatroom- abbreviations
ANTONYMS: Correct English Grammar
RELATED WORDS: look at synonyms
CHATSPEAK-USER: Yo Yo Yo Lyk, O/\/\G the 0T|-|3R d@y I woz lyk pwning these /\/00Bs. LMFAO. I s3d u suX & u shud go 2 h3LL & di. ROFL.

NORMAL-PERSON: What are you saying? Repeat that in English please.

CHATSPEAK-USER: O/\/\G th@t IS N-glISH. R U, lyk fR3/\/(H dOOd?

NORMAL-PERSON: Well I have to go. I'll talk to you later - not!
by Hermione December 07, 2005
59 17